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Common Brazilian Names According to Gender

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Common Brazilian Names According to Gender

Whatever name you will give to your child, it will have an eternal effect, especially with your little ones who would wear it. Brazil is the only country in America that speaks Portuguese. This language has a huge influence on other languages like German, Italian, Spanish and more. Below are the most common Brazilian names you can give to your future mini-me.


Adriana– A unisex name from Hadria.

Aline– Taken from an ancient German word “Athal”, that means nobility/noble. It also means light and lovely.

Ana– Denotes gracious and satisfying.

Antonia– A beautiful and praiseworthy creation/human being

Fernanda– A girl that is an adventurous traveler

Francisca– A unisex name is taken from the word France.

Juliana– It means a young, blessed and organizes person. Someone is unique, generous and an inspiration.

Marcia– A warlike aggressive type of woman

Maria– An alternative for Miriam or Mary –means wishing for a child and Bitter

Alanza– Means eager and noble.

Alipha– A word that means ‘thousand’ in the Brazilian language.

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Andressa-A courageous strong woman.

Canciana– One that belongs to Anzio, Italy.

Constancta-Means Steadfast

Daiane– A beautiful and smart girl

Edite– Commonly used in Portuguese Latvian languages. Rich, battle.

Eloa-In Brazilian language, it means goddess.

Emanuelly– A variation of Emmanuella means ‘God with us ‘.

Izabel– Brazilian type of Isabel, means ‘God is a vow’.

Kiania– The dawn/daybreak.

Mucamutara– A woman’s name means born during the war.
Rosalice-A name describes noble as a rose.

Rosalicia– Has the same meaning as Rosalice.

Uiara– It is defined as a water lady.

Uxía– The one who is well-off or well-born.

Vitória– An alternative to Victoria means victory.

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Xoana-This means that God is gracious.

Yara/ Yarah – The same denotation with Uiara or the Water lady.


Antonio– Inspired by Saint Anthony – worthy of praise

Abrahan– Brazilian variant of Abraham-father of multitudes.

Alanyo– The parents are apart/disconnected.

Aleixo– Aleixo is the Brazilian translation of Alexander that means defender of humanity.
Ankoma– A name wore for the last born/youngest child.

Atília– The edge of grace.

Abílo– Skillful and or Proficient

Afonso– Ready and Noble

Alberte– Radiant nobility

Aloisio– A popular warrior

Andrés– Also means a warrior

Anxo-God’s Messenger or Angel

Balduíno-A courageous friend

Benedito/ Bieito -Blessed

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Breixo– Real and or very true


Batte– Taken from a Brazilian tribe name ‘totem’ or an elephant.

Breno– Brazilian title for the King

Carlos– A pure man


Casimiro-Orders peace

Christiano-A follower or believer of Christ

Clemente– Means being merciful and gentle

Damiáo-Tame, restrained or subdued.



Domingos– He Belongs to the Lord

Donata-Freely given

Duarte-The guardian of prosperity and wealth

Ermenegildo-An immense tribute

Estevo-A garland or crown.


Ferrão-Zealous for peace


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Frederico– Peaceful ruler

Francisco-An alternative of Latin name ‘Franciscus’, refers to a Frenchman or a free man

Fethee– Judgment

Gabriel– God’s messenger. This is not just one of the most common Brazilian names but widely used around the world also.

Gaspar– He is the treasure bearer

Godofredo– Refers to God’s peace

Graciano-Pleasing and or agreeable



Gustavo-Meditation force

Goncalo– Genius man in battles.

Heliodoro – Sun’s gift

Henrique –Ruler of the House

Herberto– A wise army

Hilario- This name means joyful or happy

Horacio– Has a perfect eyesight

Hugo-Clever and or Intelligent

Hermenegildo– A golden tribute

Idogbe- The one who is born after twin siblings.

Inacio-Internal fire

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Joao- Portuguese name refers to Jehovah who has shown favor and gracious.

Jacinto- A type of Hyacinth flower

Julio-Someone Descended from Jupiter

Jose- In Hebrew God Will Multiply; God will advance; A variation of Joseph
Jordão- Descended, flow down

Kadonkechi- A bitter kind of soup.

Kaua- It means sensitive

Lucas- The one who provides light

Luiz A fame warrior

Leonardo- A strong lion

Leopoldo –A person who is bold enough

Lorenzo- Taken from Laurentum

Marcario – This name means blessed

Marcelo- One of the sea

Matheus- A special gift of God


Marcos- Inspired from a Roman fertility god Mars (March was named after it also).

Manoel – is the Brazilian alternative of Manuel (God with us).

Musaazi –A man’s name who has a sense of humor and likes to joke around.

Natanael – A gift from the Lord

Nicolau- People’s victor

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Oalo- Small or cute

Olavo – An Elf army

Onyait- Born at the grassland.

Osvaldo- It means a divine power

Patricio – A name of noble birth

Pedro- Biblically means the ‘Rock’, a form of Peter

Plácido – Means calm

Paulo- Belongs to the crowd/mass

Pascoal- A variation of Pascal, meaning Easter’s child.

Quim- God’s foundation

Rafael- Healed by God

Raimundo/Raymundo- A Wise protector

Raul- A clever wolf

Roberto- A bright fame

Rodrigo- Great prominent power

Ronaldo – A wise ruler and or King

Raymundo- A wise protector of the world

Rejinaldo- He rules with some great caution.

Rwakaikara – the name means god Banyoro community.

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Salomão- amiable

Santos – Means saints

Tadeu – God-given individual

Tacito- Means Silent

Tadeu – Big-hearted and Brave

Thales –To Flower or blossom

Tristao An alternative name of Tristan that means outcry.

Ulisses – Feeling of anger or to hate

Umoja- United or with harmony

Ulisses Angry, to hate

Uxío- Well-born or blue-blooded

Valentim – This name means Healthy and strong

Veríssimo – Absolutely/Very true

Victor – A mighty man or Conqueror

Xesús– God of salvation

Xoán- Brazilian term form of Juan -God is compassionate.

Xurxo– Means a Farmer

Zé- God’s son

Zeferino– The term that refers to the West wind

Whatever the name you would like your child to wear, just make sure it is something praiseworthy, so no regrets in the end. There can be a lot of most common Brazilian names that you may just encounter now, but it’s not too late to pick from one of them.

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