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What to do When Baby Gets a Bump on the Head?

Babies naturally have naughty behavior. You cannot control the good and bad behavior of kids because they are most likely to play and discover a lot of things when they are younger and so accidents could happen anywhere. It is advisable to protect them at all costs by observing them while doing such activity or by having some soft mats on the floor. That’s why you cannot blame the parents who are very strict about their kid’s attitude and how they handle them.

By nature, kids and toddlers are adventurous to the point that they have to dig into things and just jump into every spot they see. For instance, you cannot assure and see what kind of incident may come along the way. What if your baby gets a bump on the head? Specifically, your baby hit head on the hardwood floor, your baby might hit back of the head on a tile floor, the baby fell off bed on the face, the baby fell backward and hit head on the floor. What should you suppose to do?

Well, here are some precautionary methods on what to do when your baby gets a bump on the head. Maybe you could get some advice from your doctor or pedia but here are the ways you may do for a home remedy or an immediate response when your baby gets a bump on the head. 

Treating your baby bump in the head

You may be finding some clue and hint on what you should probably do on the internet. You may look at your baby’s forehead shape or looking for some head bump treatment along the way. Worrying will not eventually help you out, so here’s our tip!

Accidentally dropping your baby and fall risk may serious not until you check your baby’s condition. Whether she or he fell in the chair, table, or in any material that is hard that could trigger some bad symptoms. It is first necessary to observe how your child reacts after he or she has fallen. If you think that your baby acts normal and still reacts happily to everything and anything that you do, the possible chances are there are no actual injuries or serious problems that happen. However, just observe him for the next hours and days because at times symptoms occur in quite a late reaction. Be mindful to keep him or her awake and don’t let him sleep after falling due to brain protection and consciousness. 

Other things to be mindful of baby bump in the head

Now, on the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable and think there is a real matter happening with your baby it is much better to call for help. For example, you may ask if is it normal for a baby to vomit after a fall or is a baby falling in the crib and hitting the head a serious or major injury? 

You can choose to call an emergency hotline, or you may rush him or her to the nearest hospital in your area.

There are a lot of safety baby products and precautions that you must note while you are on your way to the hospital or clinic. Not having a fever after hitting the head might cause something really bad and damage to your baby’s head or worse brain.  Some projectile vomiting after fall could indicate a major problem that’s been going on. There be some possible long term effects of baby hitting head and you might know it. Usually, the results of this case are late to know. So, if your baby has shown these kinds of symptoms, immediately bring him or her to the nearest hospital or clinic and call someone for help.

  • Seizure
  • Bleeding
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Prolonged Crying or Sleeping
  • Not being responsive 

In summary

Goose eggs on the head are said to treat those squishy bumps on the head after fall. You cannot tell when accidents are going to happen so you better be prepared and do the things that you need to do. You’ll always have to have some first aid kits just in case something bad might soon happen. Take note of these safety reminders and safety measures for you to be guided well!

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