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13 Shining Mineral and Metal Names for Your Little Baby Boy

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Parents have a lot of sources for their babies’ names like everywhere; from those unique baby names, flower baby names, newspapers, literature and sports figures, movies, singers, scientists, and even zodiac signs. Moreover, the precious name of their babies can also be those chemistry baby names, rock ‘n roll baby boy names, punk rocker baby names, jewels names, gemstone baby names, and minerals and metals baby boy names. Well, many stones, metals, and minerals, also those fancy ones, were widely used in the past but their popularity fell in the present time. On the other hand, those names are making their comeback which made old-fashioned names more popular nowadays. Aside from those gem names for boys and girls, there are also newly discovered stones that made it on the jewel names list and geology baby names list. 

Mothers and fathers who love nature or just love having a dazzling name for their babies can think of using gems, especially the birthstones of their little ones. Meanwhile, parents also use those jewels and minerals because they represent rare meaningful names for their special meanings, traits, powers or colors. 

Minerals, metals, and jewels baby boy names

Like the most popular gem, diamond, names inspired by minerals and metals as well as jewels will be all over, forever. You will notice that they are used mostly for baby girls rather than baby boys because of the beauty they represent. However, these mineral and metal baby boy names are hard-edge choices that can convey a new form of masculinity. So, without further ado, here are some of the sparkling mineral and metal baby boy names for your little man. 


For the name Jade, it’s known to be more popular among girls nowadays in the United States. However, this name was used and given to baby boys in the olden times. The name Jade is less often used as a standalone name and more of the shortened form of the boy’s name, Jaden. The stone Jade is the birthstone for babies born in March and it is believed to bring courage and protection. 


Although it is considered to be a shortened form of the name Clayton, the name Clay can also stand on its own. Clay is a boy name of English origin and is a rich, earthy one-syllable name perfect for your little man as well. This name can represent a handsome-rough image of a guy that is mostly featured on dramas and romantic series. A lot of Clays have been TV characters like those on The Wire, Sons of Anarchy and 13 Reasons Why. Lastly, famous bearers of this name are American Idol, Clay Aiken, and Green Bay Packer linebacker, Clay Matthews. 


Another masculine name for a mineral baby boy is the name, Jett. This name is inspired by the velvety black coal which is commonly used for making pieces of jewelry. Do you know the movie, Giant? If you do, you would probably know Jett Rink who was portrayed by the very famous actor James Dean. The name Jett was also chosen by John Travolta for the name of his son. 


Well, the list of mineral and metal baby boy names could not be complete without the name, Stone. It may be quite rare to use this name but it certainly depicts a tough nature. The name Stone is a contemporary name that was directly based on the term which was used since the year 1995. It has an unbreakable image perfect for your strong little man. 


If you are a fan of the movie series, Twilight, you must know the character Jasper Hale, and we credit this name to him. Aside from being the moniker of the famous character, it is also the name of the ornamental stone. The stone Jasper has a color that is ranging from brown to red to beige. The name Jasper is derived from the Persian word meaning “lord of the treasure”. 


Caledon is an Irish name for boys with Latin origin that means “hard” or “rocky land”. This name is also the name of the arrogant character in the movie Titanic, Billy Zane. Also, this name is connected to the Irish place which is Caledonia, and the Latin word for Scotland. A famous nickname for this name is Cal, which is a playful and inventive one. 


The name Alexandrite is more unique than the name Alexander. This name is inspired by the rare, color-changing gemstone. Moreover, this stone belongs to the chrysoberyl mineral that can be a perfect inspiration for your baby boy. Alex can also be the shortened form of this name. 


For a baby boy who is oozing with charm and confidence that makes him so attractive, Slate can be a perfect name inspiration for him. This moniker is based on the rare, fine-grained rock. If you want, you can also consider its alternative name, Slater, although it’s quite common. Do you remember the character Slater from Saved by the Bell?


Another name from the gemstone names is the stone of the month of January, Garnet. The name Garnet is another rare name for your baby boy that you can consider. This precious stone has the ability to change its colors whenever exposed to sunlight. You can see its colors change from red to purple to shades of green and blue. 


Another name that belongs to the names that go with jewels or minerals, is Onyx. This name is the name of the precious black stone that sounds strong; perfect for your manly little boy. Are you watching Pokemon? This is also the name of a very strong Pokemon, Onyx. This may be a not so common name but it can totally give a sense of masculinity. 


The name Craig is a Scottish name that means “from the rocks”. Talking about manliness, Craig has also been popular among parents that gives guys a handsome-tough image. This name is a one-syllable name for boys that is still a common name in Scotland. However, Americans prefer Craig more than the name Kyle. 


If you are looking for another tough name for your boy, this can be a perfect choice. Flint is inspired by the hard rock, gray or black in color that has a waxy or glassy appearance. Flint is a rock that is used to make a spark of fire when struck by steel. This name definitely depicts a manly image for your little one. 


Belonging to the baby blue names list, Cobalt also belongs to mineral and metal baby boy names. Cobalt, blue itself is the most unusual name for boys. Alongside, Cobalt is a shade of the color blue together with Azure, Teal, Cerulean, Aqua, and Indigo. Moreover, Cobalt represents masculinity when used as a boy’s name. 


In the emerging stages of the 21st century, names like these are being popular among parents because they believed that it can bring prosperity and luck to their kids. The chosen name can also emphasize your child’s personality and empower your child’s journey. Among these mineral and metal baby boy names, have you chosen the perfect name for your baby boy already? Share your views about these names!

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