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7 Unique Baby Names That Mean Gift

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7 Unique Baby Names That Mean Gift

Once you found out that you are not alone in your body, you started to think that God is giving you a gift. Yes, pregnancy is a gift that most women in this world wish to experience. And when you are pregnant, you come up with a lot of plans like buying your baby’s clothes, designing the nursery, what milk are you going to feed them and most importantly, planning the names that you will get them. Nothing beats being thrilled and excited to parents who are thinking of the best name for their child. They usually come up to names which mean, belonging to God especially to those religious couples out there. Some of them also consider names that mean gifts for their babies. 

Most parents would come up with the unique girl names or boy names that would make their baby grow up accordingly and sometimes, grow up based on the meanings of their names. It would be very apt as babies are the greatest gift that parents will receive from the above. To get some ideas about names that mean gifts for babies, check this article and get a lot of baby names that mean a gift or a blessing. Know the beautiful meanings of each name before giving it to your little one. Surely, you and your child will be inspired when you found out the name’s important meaning. 

Names with gift meanings 

While waiting for your baby’s arrival, parents like you plan and think about which is the best name that you could give your baby. One of the ideas is to name them with a gift meaning. To know more about these names, check on these unique names that mean gifts for babies that we have prepared for you.  

1. Amrullah  

This is one of the names that mean heaven sent. This name is just very perfect for your little man. Well, we all know that babies are really a gift sent by our Lord to us, but this name has a special meaning behind it. It highlights that your baby is sent by the Lord to you, to praise Him. This is simply a name that belongs to God. Because when we put our trust in the Lord and if we learn how to praise everything that he has done for us, then we will live happier as we receive the gifts from the above. Everything will surely just fall into place after all.  

2. Alverda  

This is an unusual name or just a unique name for either your baby boy or girl. This name that means gift for babies shows compassion and even humane or unselfish qualitiesIf you want your baby boy or baby girl to be selfless and always thoughtful, try naming them with this name. They would even show passion for things that interest them. You can also teach them to show compassion about everything that’s going on around them. 

3. Cedrick 

This is a common name that means a gift for your baby.   This is just a perfect and cute name for your little man. This name simply means the “One who gifts people.” This just goes to show that your little man will be a blessing to others one day. This name means generosity and giver. Your child will grow up knowing how to give a helping hand most especially to those who are in need. Being a giver is just one of the best qualities of a person to have. Cedrickis one of the boy’s names meaning gift or blessings. You are one lucky parent who will raise a boy who is such a generous boy and knows how to help others.  

4. Daiya  

This name is just perfect and unique for your little girl. This is a girl’s name meaning gift or a blessing. We all know that all the babies are a gift from the above. Just like what we are to our parents. A baby is never a mistake if you are not planning yet to have one. But knowing that God has given you a precious gift, you should take care of it for the rest of your life. Learn to appreciate everything that God has given you, especially the gift of life. Because we all know that not all couples or women can bear a child. You are lucky if you have received that kind of gift from God.  

5. Darien 

If you want your child to be like the Kings and Queens, this name will be perfect. It is a unisex name so you can name it to both boys and girls. This is a baby’s name which means Royal gift. You will raise a child who will be just like being a handsome Prince or a Princess. Most children like fairy tales, and it is always a part of their system to watch fairy tale as part of their childhood, that’s why naming them with names that have royal meaning would then be perfect for them. They will surely get inspired and passionate about this royal gift name. 

6. Derrick 

If you wanted your child to be a leader or a ruler one day, then this name would be just right for him. The name Derrick is usually named after a boy and it means being a gifted ruler. Your baby boy will grow up to be a person with so many capabilities of being a gifted leader or a ruler. In turn, your child would then be a gift to other people because being a ruler means being a gift to others because he will help and share his ideas with others. Being a ruler means having a big responsibility. But if he is really born to be one, it will just come naturally. It’s a gift if a person knows how to rule and lead. 

7. Eashav

This is a baby boy’s name that means being very special, one of a kind and gifted. This name is very unique and it fits perfectly with young boys. Being a gifted means that you have the capabilities that someone else doesn’t have. Your baby will be considered one of a kind, and one example is about being brilliant. Cleverness and diligence are a gift and you as a parent should be thankful for that. Having a child who is brilliant and one of a kind will make most parents proud and happy about what their child has become. They are special in their own little ways, cherish it and be happy that you have one. Your baby is such a blessing. 


When you name your babies that have a special meaning behind will mean a lot to them when they found out the meaning of their names. When you are still pregnant, one of the to-do-lists of every parent is to hunt for the best names for their coming little one, especially if they have found the gender of their baby. There are a lot of names that mean a gift for babies out there and you have a lot of choices to choose from. Just keep in mind that no matter what name you are going to name your little one, what matters here is the way you are raising them. Names that have a special meaning about gifts would be useless if your child was not raised properly. 

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