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My Baby Blue: Baby Names Meaning Blue

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When we are talking about colors, undoubtedly, the color blue is one of the most favorite colors. This shade represents the color of our wide and deep oceans and beautiful lakes. Tranquility and serenity are words that are often associated with this color. The things mentioned above are some of the reasons why many parents are also using baby names meaning blue for their little ones. To give you a clear understanding of this topic, here are some of the names that are associated with the color blue.

  • Aeluin

This name is associated with a blue lake or a blue water pool. This addition to the baby names meaning blue is a perfect name for a baby girl.

  • Indigo

The name Indigo is a gender-neutral name that has a meaning of “color dark blue.” So if you are still confused, what name will suit your baby, Indigo can be a great choice!

  • Azul

Another addition to the baby names meaning blue is the name Azul. This is a Spanish word which conveys a definition of blue. You also have to take note that this name can be used for both girls and boys.

  • Larmina

The blue sky is the best meaning associated with this name. The name Larmina is suited for your baby girl.

  • Lynae

The name Lynae depicts the definition of the small blue flower. This name is perfect for your little blooming girl. What an ideal addition to the baby names meaning blue.

  • Nabh

What a great name for your baby boy! This name has the meaning of “blue space of the sky.”

  • Jey

Blue- crested bird is the meaning of the name Jey. This name is specially created for little boys.

  • Shawnita

The name Shawnita has a definition of a blue diamond. Such an exciting and chic name!

  • Nakesha

Nakesha is a unisex name. It has a meaning of “ruler of blue havens.” Considering this name on your option can be a great decision!

  • Lapis

Are you familiar with lapis lazuli? Well, lapis lazuli is also known as one of the semi-precious stones with intense blue color. This name is suited for every baby girl out there.

  • Minjonet

The name Minjonet also means “petite blue flowers.” Minjonet is specially created for little girls.

  • Cyane

This name has the meaning of “bright blue colored.” What a cute baby girl’s name!

  • Viorel

Viorel is also known as the bluebell flower. Despite its girly meaning, this name is intended for boys.

  • Nakesha

“Monarch of blue havens” is the best meaning for this name. The name Nakesha is created for your little boys.

  • Rama

If you are familiar with Hindu mythology, the name Rama is very famous. This name is said to be the Ramayana’s hero. Rama is portrayed as a man with dark blue clothes.

  • Oldrik

If you are still confused about what name to use for your baby boy, Oldrik can be an excellent choice for you. This name depicts the meaning of “the blue hill.” In addition to this, the blue peak is also associated with the name Oldrik.

  • Owaissa

Another cute name for baby girls. The bluebird is the meaning of the said name.

  • Shyamal

A baby boy name that means dark blue. Shyamal is considered as one of the most used names linked with the color blue.

  • Aoko

The name Aoko is derived from an evergreen tree’s name, blue. The name Aoko is intended for your little girl.

  • Hinto

Hinto conveys a meaning of someone who is having deep and blue eyes. What a perfect name for your baby girl with blue eyes!

  • Afina

The name Afina has two meanings. If you are referring to its Hebrew meaning, this name has a definition of young female deer. But if you are referring to Romanian meaning, this name is also known as blueberry.

  • Atasi

Another interesting name for your little girl. The name Atasi depicts the traditional blue flower.

The color blue has been used to represent the serenity, peace, and calmness. Aside from this, most of the parents are embracing this color to choose the best name for their babies. There are lots of baby names meaning blue, that you can consider as a great option in naming your little ones.

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