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15 Month Old Toddler

At 15 months, your baby is changing up more and more, as they are able to play around increasingly. So, Push, pull, walk and ride … It’s a really fun ride! Moreover, they will begin to learn what not to do, as you teach them what is a big no-no.

By this time your baby has already walked or is walking, and they are exploring their environment more and more. their character is also assertive, and sometimes it is time to start putting some limits, for your baby’s safety! Starting reading up more on what are some advisable tips from doctors and efficient methods that can be used. You become more and more organized and attentive to the development of the baby at 14 months, on his sleep and his nights, his health and weight, as well as his diet. At 15 months, your little baby is moving at full speed. He or she walks, expresses himself, and plays more and more. their language expands and their character asserts itself.

Toddler - Month 15

Sleep: The screaming at night

In a period that is so rich in learning, it is normal that a baby’s sleep is disrupted. He/she is growing and their little brain working at full speed! In the evening they are very tired and may have difficulty sleeping or even waking up during the night. Also, make sure he/she does not wake up because he/she is hungry. If this is the case, you will have to increase a little of your evening portion! Do not be afraid of too much or not enough to feed your child, they will be able to regulate themselves.

Ideally, if the causes of their awakening are not related to an illness, it is best to wait a few minutes to see if the baby manages to go back to sleep alone. If this is not the case, go see them reassure them, but without taking them in your arms. If the difficulties persist, ask your pediatrician for advice and do not hesitate to test homeopathy or herbal medicine that gives excellent results.

15-Month-old sleep schedule

15-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
15-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

What if he/she does not speak or vice versa?

A 15-month-old baby who does not speak yet, that is not worrying. The most important thing at the moment is that he/she understands what you are telling him, even if he does not yet have the words to answer you. Same thing for learning to walk. Some babies have already taken their first steps, others have not. As with all learning, each child advances at their own pace. At this age, there is no need to worry if your little one is not working yet. Leave him/her a little time.

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Baby affirms their little character

The character of the baby asserts a little more every day and their mood is changing. He/she does what he/she desires and does not always listen to you since he/she does not necessarily need you to go where he/she wants. So it’s time to put some limits and know how to say no. And contrary to what one might think, these limits are reassuring for the child and allow him/her to assert themselves. Explain to him/her, with simple words, why you say no and stay firm.

What games are best for a 15-month-old baby?

Does your baby control their walking? as he/she discovers new games, such as pushing a small cart or pulling a small dog. He/she continues to want to climb the stairs, but at 15 months (Toddler Month 15), he/she still does not know how to go down. We will never repeat it enough, be vigilant (e) because the staircase is at the origin of many domestic accidents. In his 15th month, the little child continues to enjoy playing with water. When in their bath, provide them with cups, colander, bottle … all plastic, of course. You can also play it

With modeling clay or make it paint with your fingers. Indeed, he/she will love to discover these new textures. Baby still loves playing hide and seek. If you hide toys from them, he/she has a lot of fun looking for them and is very proud to find them.

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The baby’s health of 15 months

The Baby's Health of 15 Months
The Baby’s Health Of 15 Months

No appointment to the pediatrician this month, unless the baby is sick. On the other hand, next month he/she will have to receive it.

If your baby is a boy, at fifteen months, he measures an average of 78 cm and weighs about 11 kg.

If it is a girl, at fifteen months, it measures on average 76 cm and weighs a little more than 10 kg.

My 15-month-old baby has a fever

Between the age of one and the age of 18 months, by this time, they start to get more involved with the community around them outside the home. He/she may be confronted with a new virus every week. If the baby has a fever (between 38 and 38.5), the most important thing is to check not only the associated symptoms but also the way the child tolerates this hyperthermia. In the fact that after 24 hours of fever, the child plays and seems to be well and then, only surveillance is necessary. If, on the other hand, he/she is pale, grumpy, asthenic, he/she must be seen by a doctor. Especially if he/she has a history of urinary tract infection or convulsions. Furthermore, in the case of diseases such as chickenpox, roseola or measles, the fever precedes the rash and will stop as soon as the first pimples appear.

The baby’s diet of 15 months

The Baby's Diet of 15 months
The Baby’s Diet of 15 months

You will see at every meal, baby wants to eat alone. Alas, he/she is still a little awkward. Of course, he/she knows how to drink by themselves, but the spoon is still difficult. He/she carries it to their mouth but not always in the right direction and often the food falls next. However, it is necessary to encourage it in this learning.

The best is that you each have your spoon, so you give them food and in parallel, he/she tries. Also, have the food cut into small pieces that can be eaten with your fingers. Do not forget the plastic bibs with their small gutter to catch everything that falls! By the way, at fifteen months, you will notice that your baby’s appetite varies from one meal to another. their tastes are unstable: one day he/she loves carrots, the next day he/she refuses them. You are also surprised that he/she likes tasty foods such as Roquefort or smoked fish. Do not force them to eat something they do not like, or to finish their plate if they are no longer hungry.

15-Month-old feeding schedule

Meal plan

His meals now consist of:

– in the morning: a bottle of milk with possibly flavored flour, fruit juice, a rusk or cereal, or a piece of bread with jam or honey.

– lunch: raw vegetables, vegetables and / or starchy foods with a little butter and meat or fish or egg yolk, all cut into small pieces. For dessert: a dairy;

– afternoon tea: a compote, a little fruit juice and a slice of bread;

– In the evening: a vegetable soup, a dairy (yogurt, semolina, rice pudding…), bread, a compote.

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