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18 Month Old Toddler

When your child begins their 18 months, they are almost no longer a baby, but already a big one: he/she develops their language, asserts their character and also begins the training of cleanliness, a real challenge.

Toddler not eating

At 18 months, your child walks, starts talking and continues to explore their environment … At this age, your toddler is also testing your limits. You are no longer dealing with a baby, but a small child. He/she knows what they want, lets you know that they are not happy, oppose you. Know how to set limits, show authority, but also keep calm! To learn all about the evolution of your baby this month, discover the recommendations of your doctor.

18-Month-old seeding schedule

18-Month-Old Feeding Schedule
18-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

The awakening of the baby of 18 months

Certainly, your child has gained a lot of autonomy since he/she walked. But he/she is only in their 18th month, he/she still needs you! Of course, there is no point in staying in the same room with them, but you must never be far away. It is not uncommon for a small child to stop what he/she is doing to check that their parents are there. He/she still needs to be secure. This emotional security is of course due to the attention and tenderness you bring to it, but also to the limits you put on it and the regular rhythm of life that you impose on it. Indeed, it is reassuring for them to eat, wash and always go to bed at the same time.

Language Learning

At 18 months, your child’s language will develop. Little by little, the vocabulary of your child is enriched and he/she will begin to assemble words. It is important that you speak to them correctly because language learning is the result of a process of imitation.

My baby does not speak

The differences can be very important from one child to another. So do not panic if your child does not say much yet. The “no” now holds an essential place in their words. This is undoubtedly the word he/she repeats most often. This is /she way of asserting themselves as being different from their parents.

At what age do babies speak?

All moms can not wait for their child to start speaking, but language acquisition takes a lot of patience. Fortunately, before knowing how to form sentences, babies will already be able to express many things thanks to their first words.

My child is angry

The 18-month-old is very curious and sneaks around. No door, no drawer will resist them. He/she likes to explore the world around them. If necessary, he/she pushes, pulls, climbs … He/she knows exactly what he/she wants and nothing can stop them. Also, when he/she does not reach their goal, he/she stings big rages. He/she even happens, when he/she is not happy, to bite or hit a little friend, or one of their parents. This is normal, but these “violent” reactions should not be tolerated. Explain to your child that he/she has the right not to be happy, but it is forbidden to bite or hit. Also, when angry, try not to pay too much attention because it is the best way to encourage it. Leave your child alone in the room and go about your business. After a few minutes, everything will be back to normal.

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My baby is crying at night

Bedtime is an important moment. You must organize your time, tell them a story, tell them about their day, give them a kiss. The ideal is to establish a daily ritual that will give the child benchmarks. Your baby is crying at night because he/she has a nightmare because he/she is sick or simply because he/she needs reassurance. If, despite your best efforts, your child still has difficulty sleeping, do not hesitate to consult a pediatrician or sleep specialist and get help. Sometimes it only takes a few clicks for the situation to change, and talking with a third party can be very useful in order to defuse tensions. 

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18-Month-Old sleep schedule

18-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
18-Month-Old Sleep Schedule


Cleanliness is an essential step in your child’s development. You can now start preparing for it. At 18 months, your toddler has the physical and intellectual ability to understand what is asked of them. Put a pot at their disposal (in the toilets and not in the middle of the living room), and little by little, remove their diaper. Sit on the pot at the time he/she is “doing business”. If nothing comes, do not leave him, it does not matter. If he/she succeeds, encourage him, but without exaggeration. Do not empty the pot right away in the toilet as it may make them anxious to see “a part of themselves” go away with the flush. If your child refuses to go on the pot, do not force them, maybe it’s still too early. Give them diapers and wait a few weeks to try again.

What Are The Best Games For An 18-Month-Old Baby?

What games are best for an 18-month-old baby?
What Games Are Best For An 18-Month-Old Baby?

Among the activities that children of this age enjoy are drawing. Entrust them with suitable felt pens. At eighteen months, the little child also likes to play around with books and, of course, to tell stories. He/she also enjoys playing with water, but also the land. Moreover, he/she could become the partner of your gardening sessions! At this age, a baby also very much likes imitation games: dinette, doll, doctor, DIY, he/she wants to try everything and above all, to do like you!

The Baby’s Health At 18 Months

The baby's health at 18 months
The Baby’s Health At 18 Months

This month, if you have an appointment with the pediatrician, the pediatrician will be able to recall MMR, the mumps vaccine, measles, and rubella.

Height And Weight

If your baby is a boy, at 18 months, it measures an average of 81 cm and weighs between 11 and 12 kg. If it is a girl, at 18 months, it measures on average 79 cm and weighs between 10 and 11 kg.

My Baby Has Gastro

Gastroenteritis is a common disease that occurs particularly between December and February. The most important thing is to ensure that your baby does not dehydrate, do not hesitate to make them drink very regularly a rehydration solution that you will find in pharmacies. The symptoms can last between 1 and 7 days, and during this time, it will change the diet of your child with suitable foods such as rice, carrots, bananas, and yogurt. On the other hand, temporarily favor milk without lactose until a normal resumption of transit.

What If My Baby Does Not Eat?

The reasons that a child does not eat can be many. At 18 months, baby can be in the middle of opposition and while he/she eats very well at the nursery or at their grandparents, he/she will be reluctant to do it with you. You will then have to be patient, everything will eventually get back into order. Unless the baby has lost weight or does not look normal, there is no reason to worry. This is usually a phase that will also allow them to regulate their needs. 

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