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17 Cute and Adorable Baby Names that Dads like More Than Moms

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One of the most challenging tasks of a parent is to pick the best and the quality baby names for their baby. Many parents always bring their experiences with their names when it comes to naming a child. That is why dads have stronger feelings about giving names to their babies most of the time. Dads always opt to have a preference for baby boy names while moms are more sensitive for baby girl names that their husband will like. 

Most fathers usually like he-man names or names that approve of the measure of masculinity of their baby boy. Also, dads mostly favor names that are from an athlete or cool guys, and most of the time it always ends up having this “Dad approved girl names.” If you are expecting a baby regardless of what gender, this article will discuss baby names that dads like more than moms. 

Dad approved names 

If you are trying to pick the best and unique boy names or cute names for daughter from dad, check this list we have prepared for you. 

Boys’ name

1. Austin – An attractive city name for babies. It has a South-western feel and according to many dads, the name Austin is very masculine.

2. Jared – This name simply means, “Descent” in Hebrew. This is a rough and real name for a baby boy.

3. Jakob – Normally, the way this name is being spelled “Jacob” but dads prefer it to be “Jakob.” This is a fierce name with a strong history. 

4. Tyrus – This is one of the unique names for boys that is somehow close to Cyrus. This name is more likely familiar and known to men because of some professional athletes with this name. 

5. Alaska– Of course, we all know that Alaska is a place with so many hunting and fishing activities. This is the reason why Alaska is a kind of name that has a manly appeal. 

6. Hunter– Also a kind of name that dads want for their baby boy. This is a manly name that was taken from the outdoors.

7. Junior– The name Junior is very popular all over the world and it hit its peak of fame in the 1920s. A kind of name that dads give their baby boy to show the world his pride and joy.

8. Shane – This name is also used all over the world and is being used by girls as well. They say that this name has an Irish origin due to its popularity. 

9. Bryce – The name simply means “strength,” which most dads want for their babies.

10. Issac – This name means “laughter” in Hebrew and was in the top 30 baby names in the last 5 years. 

Girls’ name

1. Abigail – Dads like this name for their baby girl as this name means “my father’s joy“. Dads often like their girls more compared to their boy children. This name comes with the nickname, Abby and considered to be the cutest nickname for daughter from dad. 

2. Briella – This name simply means “a really cool name” and this is one of the unique names you’d never heard before.

3. Cecily – A kind of name that divides couples. Many fathers like this name because it’s very feminine.

4. Elizabeth – A name from a Saint and the most famous woman in the United Kingdom and perhaps around the world. Dads like this name because they treat their wives and daughter like a Queen.

5. Lisa – Just a simple name but dads around the world like it more than moms. It is a kind of a safe name that excites many people.

6. Paris – Well, we all know that the name Paris is a place. Paris is the city of lights in which dads want their daughters to shine bright.

7. Sophie – The name Sophie is undoubtedly a pretty and ladylike name. This name is still cool nowadays even if this name is kind of old.


Parents should really decide and meet halfway with the name they want their child to have. With the baby names that dads like more than moms, you now have a lot of choices of names for your coming baby. Decide which name will favor you and your spouse. In the end, raising a child to have the best attitude is the thing that matters most. Whatever the name you give your child, teach them how to take care of it and make it precious. 

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