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28 Month Old Toddler

At the height of his 28 months, the baby still has some difficulties in the art of sociability. And yes, he still does not understand very well why he can not do that and still needs to impose limits.

Awakening, growth, and development of the 28-month-old baby

Toddler - Month 28
Awakening, Growth, And Development Of The 28-Month-Old Baby

At 28 months, the baby does not always understand the rules you impose at home. Result: it happens to cause big rages and whims without warning. Above all, be patient with him and take the time to explain to your child that it is not good to do this or that. Baby needs to understand why his limits are there, so explain things to him and do not be afraid to repeat yourself. The assimilation of the rules of life can take time. But do not worry, your little one will soon understand the rules of your house.

28-month-old baby’s diet

At 28 months, a baby has a number of needs. Among them: intake of calcium, iron and essential fatty acids. Remember to serve your baby 28 months of fish twice a week, enough meat and milk. As for fruits and vegetables, two a day is ample, provided they are daily!

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The Baby's Health of 15 Months
The Baby’s Health of 15 Months

28-month-old baby’s health

At 28 months, baby can be a victim of night fears, nightmares, fear of the dark or need to be with his parents, the sleep of your baby may be disturbed. Do not hesitate to talk to your pediatrician to find solutions. This will eventually pass, but for the moment, the baby does not understand why he cannot be with his parents during the night, and why he must stay alone. Moreover, if the baby does not call you, he may take the initiative to join you directly in your room. If you decide to let him sleep with you, beware, it may soon become a habit. It will be even more difficult for the baby to sleep alone again in his room.

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28-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
28-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

Your toddler is growing so fast

Your wonder may be able to control his different actions, but not always his emotions. At this age, he is always likely to push, jostle, scream, and the sting of tantrums (Share your parenting tips for dealing with this kind of event in our community). You cannot expect perfect behavior from him all the time, and his tantrums are his way of showing you that he is so frustrated or upset. Praise him when he makes an effort to communicate with words and not with great anger. In the meantime, try to communicate well with him and explain why some rules are needed. Rather than telling him that he cannot run in the street without holding an adult’s hand, explain why you give him this type of warning.

Your Toddler is Growing So Fast
Your Toddler is Growing So Fast

Make projects with your family

Do you start to breathe a little? It’s time to make plans: another child, a new job?

Advice for parents of how to take care of your child’s teeth

“I have always struggled to get my daughter to clean her teeth properly, but now she has an electric toothbrush and finds brushing fun! “.

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Tip for this month

You can encourage your child to write and draw, by giving him leaves, colored pencils; toddlers love it. Toys and games for toddlers, children from 24 to 30 months.

Your toddler, your child is now two years old and he is safer. However, his sometimes provocative attitude is based both on a desire for independence and a need to be assisted. Your child spends the majority of his time testing your limits.

In addition to independence, your child develops their language skills. He can now make short sentences and he is more determined. He says what he wants or needs. He also begins to understand abstract concepts. He is able to ask for more milk and to go to bed later. But he does not yet understand what “next month” or “next year” means.

Toddlers can picture images mentally, sort their toys by size, color, or shape. His memory is also improving: he may be able to tell you at the end of the day what he ate at lunchtime.

Toddlers have a lot of energy, so try to give your child toys or activities that allow them to channel it. Also, choose toys that stimulate your developing mind.

Roller Toys

Your child still loves roller toys such as tricycles. They allow him to move alone pushing on his legs, although he will certainly still have a little trouble pedaling. Privilege a toy that stimulates its balance.


balloons are always very popular, and even more so now that your child has more control overcasting. At this age, some children even catch it. Use a paper basket as a goal and make a throwing contest with your child for a short distance. You can also improvise two goals in the garden and make him discover a simplified version of football.

Artistic Activities

let your child’s creativity express himself. Give him a space in the house where he can be messy. You can stimulate his talent by asking him to draw things: the clouds, the grass, or the image he imagines the sound of rain. Give him gouaches and brushes and let him do what he likes.

Percussion Instruments

At this age, music makes your child want to dance, clap, hop and even scream. Why not give him a tambourine, little drums or chopsticks? Try different styles of music and invite your child to beat the beat to accompany what he hears.


At this age, children like to “pretend”. Choose a drawer or box and fill them with t-shirts, shirts, hats, shoes and any other accessories that may stimulate your imagination. Your child will be happy to put on and take off his clothes for no reason. At two years old, they love it!


To pretend, the toys must be very realistic. So plan a set of dishes, pots, pans and plastic food. Set up a table and chairs where your child can organize snacks and meals. Invest in a small broom, or even in a small vacuum cleaner, to also clean up fun.

You can also try construction toys, costumes, and puzzles.

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