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29 Month Old Toddler

At 29 month old toddler, your child surely knows how to put on one or two clothes by himself, to name most parts of the body, and perhaps even some colors or the name of a friend! As your toddler grows up, he becomes aware of others’ feelings and is increasingly looking to play with other children and simply stay with them.

How to help Your toddler talk?

Conversations with your toddler are perfect for helping to develop language learning. For example, if he says “car drives”, you can answer “Yes, this car drives fast on the street”. Of course, he will not be able to repeat your complex sentences, but you show him a good example.

Parental tip: buy used things

“With two kids, you really pay attention to expenses. I never buy new toys. I found great secondhand toys in toy purses and yard sales. And I give the old toys to my friends, which frees up a little space! Perrine.

Baby is now 29 months old and his language is intensifying every day a little more.

Awakening, development, and growth of The 29-month-old baby.

Toddler - Month 29

At 29 months, the baby talks about getting better and is able to build small sentences. When you answer him, make long, well-constructed sentences to help him develop his vocabulary. Your little one also regularly asks you for the name of such and such thing, then repeats it to better assimilate it.

Regarding physical development, the walk of your little one is now well assured and he loves to train for balance games. Very young, he is not yet aware of the dangers that surround him and regularly takes risks when he starts to discover new amusements. So always keep an eye on your Loulou to avoid any fall or accident. This does not mean that you have to stop him from doing his experiments, but just keep him safe in case of danger.

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29 Month old baby’s diet

Baby now has a diet very close to yours but still can not eat certain foods. Among them, meat and raw fish. Remember to cook the meat or baby fish before serving your meal.

29-Month-old feeding schedule

29-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

29 Month old baby’s health

Although the baby is still young to use his potty, start trying to familiarize him with this new object. If the baby is not clean yet, no worries, the age of cleanliness depends on each child and at 29 months, your baby is far from being late.

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29-Month-old sleep schedule

29-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

Tip for this month:

Do you plan to have another baby? Does the age gap between your children affect the family?

Is there an “Ideal” gap?

There is no “ideal” gap between two children, but certain circumstances or family situations may make you wait more or less before embarking on a new pregnancy project. For example, if you are worried about your fertility, or if you have had to try for a long time before you can conceive of your child or children, or if you are over 35 years old. If you are in one of these situations, you may feel that the weather is not really on your side, and you want to activate things a bit. If, on the other hand, you are under 30 years of age and you have young twins, it may be appropriate to wait for a little before you enlarge the family again (Toddler Month 29).

But unfortunately, there is no magic gap that would make life easier and more enjoyable for the whole family. Every age gap has its pros and cons. And personality factors mean that what works for some people may not work for others. For example, some parents say that their children play well together and get along well because they are born close together. For other parents, a small gap between two children means that they never agree and fight for more and more attention.

Everyday life with 2 children born close together?

In general, the closer your children are born, the earlier the first months and years will be difficult to manage. If the gap is really small (some couples even manage to have two children in the span of a year!), you may feel like you have twins and have to meet all the requirements of two babies at the same time. Life could be pretty rock’n’roll for a few months! You may need to do a (temporary) cross on outings, trips and good night’s sleep (Toddler Month 29).

Side benefits: A small gap means that the first child will not remember to have never been an only child, and some parents think that it avoids rivalries. Many mothers as well would prefer to focus these “diaper years” and “bib years” over a short period of time. They appreciate the feeling of moving forward as children grow up, leave their diapers, baby bottles, purees, and all this baby universe.

The care model can also be considered in your choice. If you work, it may be easier to manage a childcare arrangement for two or three children of a similar age rather than plan for several years of care.

In the long run, a small gap between two children often means that it will be easier to amuse them and keep them occupied during the holidays, as there are chances that they like to do the same activities. And if you think about further, the costs of studying, driving license, could well fall on you at the same time.

Life with children at long ages?

A gap of more than three years means that you will have to dive back into the diapers and baby’s universe while the previous one barely comes out. For some people, it’s a big plus. If you love caring for an infant and want to enjoy every moment with him, larger gaps with seniors are ideal. You will have more time for the youngest when the elders will be at nursery or kindergarten. It is also easier to explain to the older ones the arrival of a baby so that they are well prepared.

Parents with children at well-spaced ages often say that they “have benefited more” because they were able to focus on each child without being under constant pressure. But other parents who breathe again leaving the wonderful world of diapers and baby bottles have a little trouble getting back into breastfeeding and awakenings at night.

For some women, it is important to get in shape before going back into a new pregnancy. It is sometimes easier to lose the pounds taken during these 9 months and to stabilize if you space pregnancies. You are more likely to be able to re-enroll at the gym or resume your home exercises if your child is already independent before designing a younger sibling.

So what’s the best advice?

For many couples, the question of choosing the next baby does not even arise because of fertility problems, health concerns or unplanned pregnancy, so if you are one of the couples who have the luxury of being able to decide when to enlarge the family again, you’re in luck! (Toddler Month 29) .

The best advice, if you have the choice, is to wait to be sure to manage the current situation before making it more difficult with a new child. If you have the impression of just keeping your head above the water, it may be wise to wait for a little, to regain your self-confidence, before embarking again on this great adventure of motherhood.

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