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28 Wizardly Names from Harry Potter for Babies

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Are you’re a Potterhead? Are you considering of giving names from harry potter for babies? Of course, you don’t want to name your kid “He Who Must Not Be Named”, right? There are many creative harry potter names in the tale of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, to think of using for your little one. The following are a few of these outstanding choices and don’t forget to skip the names like Mundungus and Nymphadora.


He is better known as “Mad-Eye” Moody, but this is one of the cool names in harry potter, a version on Alexander that means “defending men.” This given name is more unique and cooler, a way to pay honor to an Alexander in your clan.


This is the first of numerous harry potter style names conferred after the Hogwarts master Albus Dumbledore. Albus means “white”, and even Harry and Ginny named their own son Albus.


This is the ill-fated sister of Albus Dumbledore. Ariana is now one of the names from harry potter for babies that’s rising in popularity and it’s even in the top 75. In the Italian words, this means “holy.”


The father of the Weasley family owns a classic name which means “bear,” and is linked most notably with the celebrated ruler with his Knights of the Round Table.


The name Aurora means “dawn.” This resounds with the Roman mythical divinity of dawn. Professor Aurora Sinistra was an enchantress who tutored in the Astronomy department at Hogwarts.


Perhaps the role, the somewhat randy Cormac McLeggan, is a little tacky, but the first name is not. Cormac is a lovely Irish choice which means “chariot driver,” and maybe an excellent option to some of the ultra-popular Irish nicknames like Colin and Aiden. 


The name Credence originates from the bigger fairy-tale universe, as an exploited genius in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them fables. It’s one of the unusual feature baby names for boys that has a meaning of “believer in truth.” 


Sir Walter Scott coined this first name for his 1819 tale Ivanhoe, according to the older and less romantic, Cerdi. But Harry Potter reinvent the name. An immature Robert Pattison played the role, before the Twilight era. Cedric Diggory, in film and books, is beautiful, brave, and fair-minded. Respectable traits, all, though situations put him at disparities with Harry. Cedric is the name we all know, but we seldom come across a real boy. While the name isn’t popular, a generation raised upon these fables could make a change. 


If you’re one of the several Slytherin fans, sure you have used this name of Harry’s in-school rival for your own baby. This is one of the most unique names from harry potter for babies that means “dragon.” 


Fleur Delacour left an impression in the Harry Potter series, first as one of Harry’s rivals in the Triwizard Tourney and became Bill Weasley’s partner and fellow anti-Voldemort fighter. In French words, this name means “flower.” 


Wand wizard Ollivander owns this distinctive German name, which has a meaning of “mighty warrior.” 


This among the unique female names from harry potter and the sole Weasley daughter was a strong Quidditch player and a powerful member of Dumbledore’s Army and Happy Potter’s future wife. It’s an Italian version of the Arthurian masterpiece Guinevere which means “white wave.” 


It’s constantly shocking that Harry has not made an impact in the U.S., between the fame of Harry Potter and the famous actual prince. Harry is a moniker for Henry, which also shares the meaning of “ruler.” 


A timeless first name found in Shakespeare’s works as well, the superb “ultimate magician of her age” (and Harry’s BFF) owns a first name that’s encouraged by Hermes, the messenger of the Greek demigods.


Though Harry’s dad is already dead before the tale even started, his presence is considered through the books (and not as Harry’s middle name). James, which is among the names from harry potter for babies is in the top 10 favorites and means “supplanter.” 


The regal name Kingsley is both sported by Order of the Phoenix representative Kingsley Shacklebolt and Auror and has a meaning of “king’s meadow.” 


Harry’s mother and guardian wear one of the prettiest—and most famous—flower female names from harry potter. Also, Harry picked this beautiful name for his own daughter.


If Harry Potter evidently introduced any moniker, it’s Luna. In Latin and Spanish, the name means

“moon.” This name was utilized in small groups thousands of years ago. But it has begun to rise after we knew strange but brave, Luna Lovegood. The sorceress became the early friend of Harry and his cliché, and battles on their side. Do you know the other reasons why we liked the name? Stella, a Latin translation for a star, which was already famous, and we have adopted names like Lily, Layla, and Lucy, making Luna a fit. In 2016, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen name their first daughter Luna Simone. Also, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz christened their child with this name as well. 


She was the Hogwarts headmistress and wise leader of Gryffindor, Minerva McGonagall’s always had cared for Harry. Her first name originates from the Roman spirit of wisdom. 


Poor Grumbling Myrtle was destined to use the eternal life in the girls’ bathroom after confusion with a Basilisk. This harry potter style name was derived from a plant that produces white and pink berries and is a sign of peace. 


The first time we knew Neville Longbottom, he was a clumsy first-year Hogwarts student, trying to do right at everything. Given his reputation as the only child of an aged wizarding family tree, he has a lot to fulfill. Cheerfully, Neville one of the cool harry potter code names ultimately finds his channel and appears competent and downright courageous, as well. This first name feels distinctly British – consider Neville Chamberlain or the influential, primitive-era House of Neville. In the US, that strong ‘v’ sound delivers it some promise today. It could be a comrade for equally polite names such as Felix and Sebastian. 


This charming name works excellently for the Hogwarts Herbology tutor—which has a meaning of “an apple,” and was linked with the Roman spirit of gardens.


The skillful and no-babble Hogwarts nurse, Madame Pomfrey has the first name of Poppy. Since nature monikers are huge in the sorcery world, it sounds perfect. Also, poppies are popular for medical uses, making it a suitable choice for a health expert. As a first name, it’s caught on radically in modern years. Maybe we can give thanks to Harry Potter as one of the random harry potter characters. 


The owner of the “The Three Broomsticks” is Madam Rosmerta. The friendly inn and pub at the center of Hogsmeade town. While it looks like another Rose moniker, the name is Gaulish. It originates from a Gallo-Roman fertility divinity and the first name has a meaning of “great provider.” Perfect for a hotelier!


Ronald is one the most names from harry potter for babies, he is Harry’s best friend and Hermione’s future hubby. The name Ronald was already famous way back in the 1950s. It’s a Norwegian name has a meaning of “counselor to the king.” 


Rowena Ravenclaw was one of the cool names in harry potter and creators of Hogwarts with a Welsh first name that has a meaning of “infamous.” 


Rubeus Hagrid is the much-loved Hogwarts keeper and Care of Magical Creatures professor. He was christened this first name, and means “red.” 


Salazar Slytherin is the co-founder of Hogwarts and owned this Basque name that means “old hall.” 

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