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15 Incredible March Baby Names

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Names for March babies between significant dates that happened within the month. But most names are inspired by the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, which suggests that there are some names are influenced by Irish origins or something with green. Expecting a baby is truly wonderful, and to be specific, when your due date is within March, sometimes you think about names that have something to do with March. Either it comes from the Zodiac sign “Pisces”. Regardless of the Month, March is a wonderful time to have a baby. All of nature is becoming green again. And from the quote, “March comes in like a lion” maybe you could get some ideas about it. Or maybe the Aquamarine which is March’s birthstone. You could get lots of ideas and tips on the internet. It’s up to you to be resourceful enough!

For some countries, March is the start of spring. The third month of the year also marks the end of snowy and cold weather, and on sunny days. March baby names are all about flowers, spring, and nature itself. We selected only the best picks based not only on prevalent baby names but also more rare and unique unusual girl names. You will not find better March baby names that capture the blossoming aura that surrounds everything in nature. So, let’s chop it down to baby girl names and baby boy names for you to find the best choice for your newborn!

March baby names 

If you are expecting a baby to be born in March, we’ve listed our best choice of names for boys and girls. Know about its meaning and the story behind that name.

1. Fontanne

Some of the best March baby names have French origins. And one of the reasons why is because of the uniqueness. Fontanne’s meaning is fountain spring, which speaks about March overall. We all know that spring starts in March. A garden that blossoms is nothing without water, so March baby names should have this clear association with this important life force.

2. Bridget

A quintessential Gaelic name “Brighid” meaning “strength or exalted one”. One of the most famous names in Irelands because of its Female saint. She is known to be the patroness of healers and also the scholars. When you name your child with saints, it speaks volumes with what your belief is. It evokes your spirituality and faith.

3. Clover

A better alternative to floral names such as Lily or Rose. Clover reminds us of the true meaning of March with greens of a new spring and the lucky Irish four-leaf clover. Spring baby names without doubt associated with the nature of the month.

4. Esther

A name that has biblical meaning. The name Esther means “Star”. In the Old Testament of the Bible, Esther was known to be a Jewish wife of the King in Persia who bravely saved the people from total annihilation. Who doesn’t like that name with a great back story isn’t it?

5. Felicia

This name is one of the most popular names for young girls. Felicia has Latin origins that mean, “lucky”. For some, being named that means lucky, makes their heart melt. It only means that your parents are lucky enough to have you in their lives and are truly grateful.

6. Marina

A gorgeous name that means “from the sea”. An appropriate choice for March babies that were born under the zodiac sign, Pisces. This name is another name for the Goddess of Venus, who is popular for being born in a seafoam. And more recently, FRIENDS famous star, Matt Leblanc named his daughter Marine. So, if you are a Big FRIENDS fan or a Matt Leblanc fan, go grab it!

7. Saoirse

It is made popular by the actress that was known for movies such as, The Atonement, the Lovely bones who is Saoirse Ronan. The name Saoirse means ‘’Liberty” that gained immense popularity during the Irish War of independence. Although many people have a hard time uttering the words, one of the unique unusual girl names that are slowly gaining steam from parents with whom they have Irish heritage.

8. Willow

A name of a tree that is mostly associated with March and the zodiac sign Pisces. The willow is a tree that is both beautiful and adaptable to its environment that bends to the wind and the forces of nature but seldom ever breaks. Making it the cutest name to give to your daughter.

9. Brian

This is a kind of a fierce name, virtuous and honorable. It is one of the more popular names in the United States. Due to its popularity, it doesn’t go unnoticed that there are a lot of popular figures all over the world that have the name of Brian. So, if you’re naming your child Brian, chances are he’ll come across different people with similar names.

10. Connor

An iconic name of an iconic UFC Superstar, Connor McGregor. This is a famous Irish name which means Lover of hounds. Perfect for a family that has plenty of dogs and loves each one of them. The famous Legendary Irish King’s name was Connor and it is also the name of the son of the Famous actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

11. Patrick

A name that means “noble”. And of course, the celebrated Saint during March in Ireland, Saint Patrick. It is one of the most popular names associated with March. A name that has deep meaning and value, some parents like this name as a second name to their son. Other notable Patrick includes NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing, Legendary British actor Patrick Stewart to name a few.

12. Oscar

A name that has many great meanings such as “Divine spear”, “dear friend” and “champion warrior”. The name Oscar is still one of the top picks names in Sweden and is considered the top 10 in the UK. Notable names of Oscar include Boxing Legend Oscar Dela Hoya and Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch and also the Academy awards’ golden statuette.

13. Marcus

A Latin name means ‘warlike’. With etymology closely related to March that are both names for the Roman God of War. Marcus is a popular name since ancient times. Marcus has been the name of popular celebrities such as Marcus Aurelius and Marcus Allen.

14. March

 The star of this article. March is a unisex name. The name comes from the Latin month, Martius which was the early month of the Roman calendar. It is a name from Mars, the God of War. Known as the protector of all Roman people with his two sons.

15. Reed

A simple name means “red-haired’. Reed reminds us of the marshland and seagrass that brings the name and thus a perfect name for a baby boy born with a zodiac sign Pisces. With its relation to woodwind instruments, Reed could also be a perfect choice for a boy born into a musical family. Well-known Reeds include the genius scientist and Fantastic Four-member Reed Richards, as well as Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix.

Final thoughts

Choosing a specific and unique name will be a daunting task because there are still a lot of names out there for you to name your child. And hopefully, we played a part in naming your son with March baby names. Naming has to be the hardest part when having a child, especially with regards to their birth month. But always remember that names are just part of their lives, teaching them the right values and helping them in every step of the way is your primary goal as a parent.

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