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30 Month Old Toddler

30 Month Old toddler, the baby does not behave as before with his little friends. Gradually, his relationship evolves with others.

Awakening, development, and growth of the 30-month-old baby

Toddler - Month 30

Baby is now 30 months old and he loves being with children his age. Although he does not always play with them, he enjoys having close to him the same age. It is also at 30 months that baby begins to make his first real friends. He plays with them but can also have long conversations with his classmates. Your little one also begins to ask them their first name. But for the moment, the relations with others are complicated for your butt. He will need more time to learn how to behave with others.

30 Month old baby’s diet

At 30 months, the baby eats almost the same meals as you. Nevertheless, at a very young age, he is likely to develop a food allergy overnight. If you experience allergic behavior after a meal, talk to your doctor and try to determine the cause of your meal. Peanut allergy can cause heavy reactions very quickly after the meal such as edema of the lips or discomfort to swallow.

30-Month-old feeding schedule

30-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

30 Month old baby’s health

Baby is now 30 months old and can still be convulsed in case of fever. Indeed, this type of behavior can reach the children between 6 months and 5 years but are generally more frequent before the three years of your baby. If, during a fever spurt, your child is convulsed, lower its fever by discovering it, for example, and contact your doctor immediately. He will surely give him an injection of Valium to relieve him.

If your toddler shows he’s ready for potty training, you’re off to a new adventure! Some children are clean very quickly, others lose interest in the pot, others do not do everything they could do (pee but not poop), and some simply refuse to sit there! In this case, it is better not to rush anything and try again a few weeks later. Some toddlers need more time to be clean at night in addition to the day, and almost all continue to have small accidents for some time.

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30-Month-old sleep schedule

30-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

Are you ready for another child?

If you’re not already sharing your time between a toddler and a newborn, you might start thinking about it. If you are undecided, find out if you are ready for another child.

Parental tip: toilet training should be at everyone’s own pace.

“If your child is not clean yet, do not worry. My son was not clean before his 3 years (Toddler Month 30), but when he decided to start, everything went very fast. A tip: give him a children’s book that explains how things work. This has been very helpful for us. “.

Tip for this month

What is the best way to teach the alphabet to my Child?

Toddler - Month 30

Most toddlers begin to recognize letters of the alphabet between the ages of 2 and 3 years old (Toddler Month 30). They are able to identify most letters between the age of 4 and 5 years. This means that you can start learning your child’s alphabet around the age of 2. But do not expect him to master it perfectly at this age. What’s more, toddlers do not learn the same way as older children do: do not take out the cards and CDs for the moment! Prefer visual aids, such as an illustrated color primer. Your child will love to point out the letters he knows, and name the colors, shapes, animals and other objects in the book.

To learn the alphabet, your child must first listen to the stories with interest. At the age of 2 or 3 years old, those who have been told stories often understand that the books contain a text of letters.

There are many fun ways to introduce your child to letters. Write down his name at the bottom of all his “works of art,” then show him the letters one by one. He will eventually guess that all these letters from his first name. You can reinforce this identification in many ways: write the letters of his name on the door of his room or offer him a toy or a custom puzzle. You can also help him make puzzles with the letters of the alphabet or with magnetic letters on the fridge.

When he recognizes a letter, start playing with him: “Which word starts with the letter” B “? Balloon, baby, baby bottle! Use the initial of his first name as a starting point: “Your first name, Pierre, begins with a” P “; do you know any other words that begin with the letter “P”? “. If these riddles are a fun way to introduce the alphabet, your child will not be able to write letters before the age of 4 years. Do not try to teach him to write before that age.

If he seems interested, do not hesitate to teach him other letters. But if he is less than 4 years old and he shows no interest in letters, it is better not to insist on the moment. There is no evidence that early learning of the alphabet promotes better reading skills later.

However, if he seems interested, do not hesitate to teach him other letters. But if he is less than 4 years old (Toddler Month 30) and he shows no interest in letters, it is better not to insist on the moment. There is no evidence that early learning of the alphabet promotes better reading skills later.

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