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4 Best Baby Girl Names From Children’s Book

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Children’s books have become a part of every child’s and parents’ life. For instance, this one of the possible reasons why your kids have learned to speak and interact with her or his co-toddlers and even you as parents. There’s a wide variety of causes why you should read a book to your kid. Not only that it is for his or her entertainment, but the fact that you get to bond with them as early as their age. It quite feels good that you’ll hear your kid “I want more bedtime stories mama” or “More bedtime stories please, papa!”  

On the other hand, have you ever been so happy and joyful about the book you may be reading to your first child and considering some characters in the book naming your baby? Well if you do, baby names from children’s books are a unique and smart move to do. Some parents even name their baby names from books and movies which leads them out in creating some of the best and baby boy names and unique girl names. 

That is quite fascinating to know. You can have some storybook names list or even try looking for a children’s book character name generator. To help you out in your desire of having one of the trending names.  

4 Best Baby Girl Names From Children’s Book 

1 Alice

The most famous and ever lost girl, Alice in Wonderland. From the author Lewis Caroll. Alice is a girl who eventually discovered another world dropping down somewhere around the tree. If you have not only read the book and seen the movie, you will be convinced to name your baby after her. Not only that she is a brave character but she depicts stand on a woman being independent and fighting for her fears. It is one of the baby girl names increasing in popularity when it comes to naming after children’s book.  

2. Charlotte

If you are considering something even more than Alice, name your baby girl like Charlotte. From the book Charlotte’s Web, sure you have read one of these stories to your baby. E.B. White eventually wrote this story that is perfect for you to read for your kids during bedtime! This could also develop the best growth mindset books for kids!

3. Coraline

Coraline is a very unique name for your baby girl. This name goes with Celestine. Imagining having this name for female twins!  What a blast! Given this children’s book name ideas, Coraline is a 2002 novel that was put into an animated film in 2009 voiced by the popular actress Dakota Fanning and has been nominated for an Academy Award. They say that Coraline is somewhat like Caroline. 

4. Hermione 

Who would not know this pretty little lady? From J.K Rowling Harry Potter Series, Hermione is one of the main characters in this book. It might be too long for you to read the whole story to your baby but sure you will let her watch the movie will you? Hermione is not only a fictional character from a children’s book but others consider it too as comic book baby names for girls. Since nowadays, cosplay is not new everyone is suiting like they are in a Harry Potter movie!


These are just some of the baby names from children’s books or fun books for toddlers that you might have wanted to give out to your baby girl. We didn’t want you to get confused that’s why we headed out only for the top 4. Probably, you’ll go with these names for your baby’s second name or even nicknames. Read some books to your children not only for fun but to help them too in their child’s growth.  

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