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Top 7 Popular Russian Baby Girl Names

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Top 7 Popular Russian Baby Girl Names

Names can be considered as one of the most important things for us as it can defy our personality and our identity. When we were born our parents gathered and accumulated enough time just for us to have a good, unique and fascinating name. Some even considered Hebrew names for their baby while others considered incorporating some bizarre celebrity names as they follow the footsteps of their idols through their baby’s presence. For instance, your mother and father might have considered naming you such cute names or in any other thing. Like music inspired or flower-plant theme named for your baby. 

Years may have passed and it is now your turn to name your baby. And surprisingly, you became married to a Russian woman or Russian men and you are considering to name your baby after the Russian race. You may start looking for some popular Russian girl names, unique Russian girl names, badass Russian names or even uncommon Russian names. Of course, you also think if these names are possible or good to attach with the most common Russian last names. 

To help guide you with your journey, here are some popular Russian baby girl names to name your baby, just in case you’re a bit torn with all of the suggestions you’ve been getting lately. 

Top 7 Popular Russian Baby Girl Names 

1. Agafia

Agafia simply means a good woman. If you want your child to bear with this kind of meaning and you wanted her to grow up being a good woman. Name her after Agafia, it may not be one of the most popular but it is surely one of those unique and vintage names for girls! 

2. Alexandra

Alexandra is pronounced as ahleekSAHNdrah. It is considered as one of the top Russian baby girl names for 2018. You can see and hear Alexandra everywhere. This is also a counterpart for Alexander, a Russian male name. 

3. Galina

Names like Galina are quite the most popular in Russia. Pronounced as gahLEEnah, it has Russian blood running through its sound and how you say it. This will eventually work out for your daughter. 

4. Diana

Diana is a popular Russian girl’s name and you can’t even deny it. You’ve got a lot of proof for that. Since almost all of the boybands and even singers have a song entitled “Diana”. Moreover, it has also become a series on various channels and even became a Movie for in some countries. Why not name your daughter after Diana?

5. Dominika

Dominika is a name that can remind you of something Dominican or even a Dominique name. This name may sound plain at all, so you may want to try adding up some Russian names starting with m or Russian baby girl names with k to have a cute and unique themed name for your baby!

6. Valentina

Nope, she’s not going to look you in the eyes and froze you into stone. Valentina is a popular Russian girl’s name that you could name after your baby! What a lovely baby girl’s name! This might be some of the trendy and modern Russian baby names for your child!

7. Veronika

Pronounced as veerahNEEkah, a classy and sassy name for your Russian girl names! This one’s a pretty good name suggestion for your baby. For sure, she’ll be lovely and will have many suitors when the time comes! She may be drooling all men in the way (Just kidding)


Whatever name it may be, child growth and family date nights are still the best to incorporate with your child. Names are a part of their life as an identity but the value and essence of real-life lies upon how will you teach her to have good behavior.

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