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Parenting Tips: 5 Ways to Let Your Toddler Help With the New Baby

How about this, your preparing toddler for the new baby as he is reminded that he would have a great little brother or sister to play with, and how exciting it would be. The time comes that the little brother enters the family and your toddler is wondering, “Is this it? Does this wriggling, red-faced newborn get all your time and attention is thought to be exciting?

He then “enjoys” with the newborn in the ways he understands how. He enjoys catching. You shout at him for tossing toys at the infant. He likes to hide and go seek. You shout at him to remove the blanket off the new baby. He gives his little brother or sister a kiss and hugs and you caution him to be extra careful. So, is there any question that your toddler is puzzled and show signs your toddler is jealous of a new baby?

“Here are the 5 ways to let your toddler help with the new baby and establish a healthy and stronger sibling relationship”

Making each child feel special

You must avoid comparing your children, even about innocent topics like birth weight, who had more hair, who had nicer teeth or who first crawled or walked. Children can understand these comments as criticism. You must take a deep breath and relax.  

This is a time of change for the whole family. So, how to help older siblings adjust to the new babies? Lessen outside activities, focus on your present priority, loosen your housework standards and adapting to your new size of your family.


Your main priority is to protect the new baby. The second is about helping the older children adjust to a new baby in proper ways. You can teach the toddler how to deal with the baby the same way to teach him about everything else. Kindly talk to him, guide, show and encourage. Right until you feel confident that you have accomplished your second goal, but don’t leave them alone. It’s necessary and important to be careful. 


Kids understand what they live. Your toddler will be observing as you carry the baby and studying from your behaviors. You must be helping 2 years old to adjust to a new baby. You are your kid’s important educator. You’re showing in all the things you do, and your kid will study most from observing you. 

Act Promptly

Every time you catch toddler hitting new baby, or act immediately with the newborn, act fast. You might strongly declare, “No beating, time out.” Put the kid in a time-out chair with the speech, “You can stand up when you can use your small hand in the proper way.” Let him stand up if he likes – if he is cautious and gentle with the new baby. In the end, this isn’t a penalty. It’s just preparing a toddler for the new baby and teaching him that bad behavior isn’t allowed.

Be supportive

You need to recognize your toddler’s unexpressed feelings like, “of course, things have transformed with the arrival of the new baby.” It’s going to take a long time to get accustomed to this.” You must keep this remark subtle and general. This is an effective way of preparing your child for a new sibling.

Never say to your toddler “I think you dislike your new little sister or brother.” Instead, explain, “It must be difficult to have mom spending more time with the new baby.” or “I suppose you wish to walk around or go to the playground now and don’t have to wait for the newborn to wake up.” When your kid understands that you recognize her or his feelings, a toddler for baby will have less need to misbehave to get your time and interest.

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