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Beautiful and Unique Mongolian Baby Names for Your Precious One

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Are you looking for a unique yet beautiful name for your baby boy or baby girl? Mongolian people are quite superstitious because they follow the shamanistic beliefs that were connected to the Earth and its natural phenomenon. Mongolian baby names are quite descriptive names that are often believed to bring good fortune for Mongolian babies. Mongolian warrior names are often for baby boys while Mongolian princess names are often for baby girls. 

Mongolian baby names

In recent times, Mongolian baby names consist of two words which are a noun and its modifier. Some names represent an occasion like a victory or animal names because Mongolian culture associated with herding and hunting, or mixed with Russian names because of Mongolia’s close ties with the Soviet Union. However, people here often don’t have any Mongolian last names. 

Here is the list of Mongolian male names and Mongolian female names for your babies.


It is a Mongolian baby name for girls which means “golden flower”.

Bat Erdene

It is one of the Mongolian baby names for boys which means “strong jewel”. 


This name is one of the fantasy Mongolian names for boys which means “strong joy”.


Associated with Batbayar, it is a Mongolian baby boy name that means “firm happiness”.


Enkhtuya is a girl name in Mongolia that means “ray of peace”.


A name in Mongolia that is often given to Mongolian baby girls with the meaning of “jewel ornament”.


One of the 15th-century Mongolian names which means “crystal mother” for girls. 


It is one of the Mongolian baby names for girls which means “peaceful happiness” or “peaceful blessing”. It is a name that has a very meaningful meaning for your baby girl.


It is a Mongolian name for boys that means “steel hero”. A name that also empowers your baby boy to be a strong man in the future.


It is one of the common Mongolian baby names for boys that means “steel”, “courage”, and “brave”. This name represents a brave man in Mongolia.


A name for a boy that means “eternal firmness” and can also empower your baby boy to have an eternal strength in Mongolian culture.


It is one of the Mongolian baby names for girls that means “eternal flower” and can empower your baby girl’s beauty in Mongolian culture. 


This name can also be one of those Mongolian clan names and can also be given to a boy or a girl. This name means “eternal firmness”.


It is a Mongolian baby name for girls that means “sunflower”. It is a perfect name for your bright baby girl.


Altansarnai is a variation of Altan that is often given to girls and has a meaning of “golden rose”.


Arban can be given to a boy or a girl and is a Mongolian baby name that means “a fluent man”.


Altan name has two meanings. The meaning of this name in Mongolia is “golden” while the Turkic meaning of this name is “red dawn” which is a variation of the name Altin. This name is often given to baby boys.


It is a Mongolian baby name for boys that means “loyal”, “faithful”, and a “devoted individual.” It is perfect for your baby boy whom you want to be a loyal one.


Bayarmaa is a name given to girls that means “mother of joy.” This name is perfect for your cheerful baby girl.


Chimeg is also a Mongolian baby name that is often given to a girl and means “ornament.”


It is a name for both boys and girls that is perfect for describing your precious one. This name means “Blessing of God.”


This name is a variation of Chenghiz and often given to a baby boy. It means “greatest and wise”.


It is a name given to girls and means “bright”, “clear”, “shiny”, and “serene” in Mongolian. It is a perfect name for your newborn’s bright future.

Well, it is quite a challenge especially on how to pronounce Mongolian names. If you want to be unique, go for it!

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