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Top Tough and Charming Western Boy Names

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You and your partner are excited soy ou decide to get an ultrasound to check if you’re expecting a beautiful baby girl or a bouncing baby boy. During the exam, the doctor tells you it’s going to be a boy! Congratulations, you and your partner are about to gain a great addition to the family.

As you drive back home, you and your partner excitedly throw around names. Some inspired by famous people, admirable relatives, or your favorite movie characters. There are names that almost sound perfect and others that do not sound right. But this will not be the right time to make a name decision. 

You and your partner will brainstorm names as you prepare for your baby boy’s arrival. However, choosing a name shouldn’t be rushed, it should have a special meaning. Then you scour online hoping to find some names as inspiration. 

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Why not Western boy names? A lot of famous names originate from American Old West or the Wild West. There are popular actors such as Gary Cooper and John Wayne. So, if you want to raise an adventure-loving cowboy than why not try looking at Western boy names.  

Top Western Names for Your Little Cowboy

1. Wyatt – inspired by Wyatt Earp, one of the most legendary cowboys ever to exist. A lawman who worked with his brother to fight notorious bad guys messing with his beloved town. The name also means, “brave warrior.” 

2. Jameson – this sweet yet masculine name easily rolls off the tongue as smooth as whiskey. The name’s got swagger yet has a gentle aura about it which makes it a perfect Western boy name. It also means, “Son of James.”

3. Billy – At some point in time, Billy is a common and more rugged nickname for the name William. If you watch enough Wild Western films, it’s also a classic bad-boy name because of Billy the Kid. However, the name also invokes a sweet yet adventurous spirit.

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4. Remington – if you noticed, names which are commonly the last name has gained popularity. Remington is a Western boy name which has the elegance of an elite kind of man at the same time the tough sense of a cowboy.

5. Denver – place names are a rising trend amongst parents who want to give their child a little bit more history and culture. And the capital of Colorado is known for the Goldrush which brought cowboys to claim the territory. It’s unusual but a Western boy name named after a historical cowboy central city sounds great.

6. Buck – you know what they call little cowboys? Little buckaroos! A shortened version of the name Buckley, the name Buck sounds like a sweet boy ready to protect you from notorious bad guys. You can imagine your little boy singing “Home on the Range” with this choice.

7. Levi – a Biblically inspired name, Levi is one of the sons of Jacob and the name of the apostle Matthew in the New Testament. The name is both casual yet meaningful, for a Godfearing boy ready to ride the horses until sunset.

8. Colt – the name represents someone who brave and strong, characteristics you want your child to embody as they grow up. Colt is a true-blue Western boy name which originated from a spirited young horse.

9. West – quite a literal interpretation of a Western boy name, this unique choice evokes the images of a warm campfire and adventurous horse rides in the sunset. It gives off a real rugged and brave tone.

10. Ryder – this name works great for your future little cowboy. It means “cavalryman” or “messnger” which perfectly matches the tough and chivalry tone of the name. You can imagine your little boy riding off to warn the town of bad buys about to invade a quaint town.

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11. Shane – it is a common Western boy name used for cowboys in movies and in novels. The name represents the most honorable and brave heroes of the western genre. It also means “God is gracious.”

12. Wade – this name makes you imagine a young Southern gentleman who holds doors open for all the ladies in the town. The name Wade sounds both charming and strong. It also translates to “at the river crossing.”

13. Hank – an old school Western boy name, this evokes fun and friendly tone which perfectly represents a charming cowboy. You can imagine your little boy grabbing a guitar and singing a few country tunes in front of a campfire.

14. Morgan – inspired by Morgan Earp, the soft-spoken and sensitive brother of Wyatt Earp. Naming your little boy after a cowboy who would do anything for both his brother and protect his town is the perfect good guy name. It makes you feel safe and secured.

15. Pete – this cowboy-inspired Western boy name means “rock.” It is a name that evokes both sturdiness, security, warmth, and dependable. There have been many legendary rootin’ tootin Petes in the Wild West, many of which are good men.

The origin of western boy names

There’s something about cowboy culture which attracts us to Western boy names. But it’s more than the cute little cowboy hats and boots your boy will be wearing, it’s about the heroism behind these names. Cowboys are known lawmen who protect their people from notorious bad guys and are southern gentlemen as well.

When choosing the right name, you need to consider what the name represents. A Western boy’s name is not only rugged and cool but also has the charm of an old school cowboy. Many Westen names come from radio, literature and especially in cowboy movies. So, go ahead take a break from your online search and watch some wild west movies, who knows maybe your little boy will be named after a character from The Lone Ranger.

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