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Effects of Eating Plums During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your primary concern is your own health since it will have a major effect on your growing baby. Being healthy means you are taking good care of your mental and physical health. This includes getting a good amount of sleep, regular exercise, and most of all, proper eating habits. A balanced diet is one of the major keys to having a healthy body and a healthy baby.

Your obstetrician may give you some prenatal vitamins to boost your nutritional needs, but you can be healthier if you choose to eat right. Since you are eating for two, you must remember that there are certain nutrients you and your unborn baby needs such as iron, calcium, folate, and other vitamins and minerals. 

What you need to know about plums

Even if you are given some supplements, it is still very important to eat a combination of fruits and vegetables that are beneficial, as well as a good amount of grains, dairy, and protein from bread, milk, and meat. However, there are times when a woman can be picky since their hormones are affecting their sense of smell and taste.

One of the most recommended food items that you can try is plums. They are not just delicious, they are also nutritious and appetizing. Coming in with different shades, plums are known to be extremely tasty especially when it is in season. They belong to the same species of peaches and almonds. Plums may not be very popular in many places, but once they are dried, they are referred to as prunes. These prunes are available in almost every supermarket all over the world. They are as delicious and as healthy as the fresh ones.

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However, it is normal to be cautious about what you are eating when you are carrying a baby inside you. Not every fruit is ideal to be consumed by a pregnant woman. According to experts, plums are actually good for women who are expecting. So if you are being mindful when it comes to trying plums while you are pregnant, go ahead. Just make sure that your doctor did not warn you about them since some people can be allergic to it.

Benefits of eating plums during pregnancy

What most pregnant women do not know is that plums are actually beneficial for them. It contains essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, as well as potassium, fiber, and other antioxidants. Here are some of the benefits a pregnant woman can get from consuming plums.

  • Plums help with constipation

Since this particular type of fruit contains a good amount of fiber, it can be very helpful for pregnant women who are suffering from constipation. It is normal for women to experience this and it is not exactly advisable to simply take drugs just to fight it. Plums can act as a natural laxative since it has the power to help the intestines digest the food quicker. Some pregnant women even experience hemorrhoids so it would be really helpful to eat a good amount of plums.

  • Good for mental health

Some women tend to suffer from extreme stress and anxiety while they are pregnant, which can be caused by their hormones. If you try to snack on some plums, the antioxidants will help with the protection of the lipid levels on the brain cells. This will also affect a pregnant woman’s memory, which can help in making decisions and reduce stress.

  • Helps with blood pressure

Regulating blood pressure is very important when you are carrying a baby inside of you. If your blood pressure rises during pregnancy, it can definitely lead to severe complications not just for the mother, but for the baby as well. When you eat plums, it can increase the fiber in the body which will help regulate the blood pressure. 

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  • Maintain ideal pregnancy weight

It is normal to gain weight when you are pregnant, however, there are times that you gain too much weight since you are eating for two. Some snacks can make you gain weight but if you eat plums instead, it would not do anything to your body. It can provide all the vitamins and minerals but since it does not contain any calories so you do not need to worry about gaining weight.

  • Prevent premature labor

A lot of women are worried about going through preterm labor since this can lead to complications. When a baby is born prematurely, it means that he or she must stay in the neonatal intensive care unit or more commonly known as the NICU for a month or so. Plums contain a good amount of magnesium which means it can help when it comes to relaxing the muscles of a pregnant woman. The cervical muscles will keep the contractions indicating early labor at bay.

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  • Gives energy boost

It is perfectly understandable for women to feel tired most of the time during pregnancy. This is because sharing a body with your unborn child can be exhausting.

This usually leads to pregnant women wanting to sleep more. However, it is ideal to stay active during pregnancy since it will help you during labor. Consuming plums will be able to help you out since it contains Vitamin C. This will ensure the protection of the cells that usually get damaged. It will provide the body with more energy that is essential for a pregnant woman.

Effects of plums during pregnancy

Just because plums can be very beneficial during pregnancy, this does not necessarily mean that you must have them multiple times a day every single day. Despite its benefits, it also has its downsides.

What most people do not know is that plums contain a massive amount of oxalate, which is what aggravates the kidney. They are usually the cause of kidney stones. There is nothing wrong if you eat some of it, just make sure that you do not eat it on a daily basis.

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It is very important for a pregnant woman to be mindful of what she eats. Keep in mind that not every fruit is suitable for you. If you do not know which is safe to eat or not, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before you eat anything you are uncertain of. There are some fruits that may not be harmful but may still affect you and your baby. 

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