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How Healthy is Apple for Kids?

When it comes to your kid’s health, an apple a day makes your kids let the doctor. Apples are one of the most popular fruits, not just for its taste but also for its health benefits. Apples are abundant during the season and are also relatively cheap and easy to buy. Apples have some of the essential vitamins and nutrients your kids need in their daily requirements. You as a parent, should always better add apples into your baby’s diet. 

This article will give knowledge about the benefits of eating an apple and how is it important in our bodies. Some might just think of an apple as a fruit, but we didn’t know yet the contents and the health benefits it gives to our bodies. Take time to read and discover things you’ve never known before about apples. 

Vitamins and minerals

Apples are considered to be very famous to everybody especially to children. Apple is always mentioned in the alphabet as this could be the first example word for letter A. However, we didn’t know everything about apple yet. So we will discuss the importance of apple in our lives. 

Apples are nutritious! An apple is packed with vitamins and minerals such as Fiber, Potassium and Vitamin K. Apples are also rich in polyphenols which has a lot of health benefits to your kids. Apples are rich in:

 • Potassium: one of the most abundant minerals in our body and is of the key elements in making our health improve a lot. Adding apples to our daily routine will make our body respond more to the diseases. Organs need potassium to work normally.

 • Fiber: Fiber helps in cleaning your G.I tract. Apples are rich in soluble fiber and may help eradicate potentially harmful diseases, excess estrogen, and unhealthy fats.

 • Vitamin Kit: it helps in making our immune strong and holds against different types of diseases. It plays a role in making our blood sugar levels constant and reduces the risks of diabetes. It also helps in reducing blood clotting.

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 • Polyphenols: have antioxidant properties that are abundant in fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants’ primary role is to maintain our health and well being and keep other diseases at bay! Antioxidants protect the cells in our bodies and from radical damage and control our aging.

 • Carbohydrates: provide your kids with plenty of energy to consume throughout the day.

 • Boron helps your kids bone harden. Eating apples may prevent your kids have osteoporosis in their adult life.

 • Pectin: a type of fiber that acts as a prebiotic, meaning this type of fiber feeds the good bacteria in their gut.

 • B- complex: These are key vitamins that maintain the red blood cells and our nervous system to be in good health.


Helps in losing weight 

Some might argue that our kids may be too young to be on a diet but sometimes its good to start them young in having a healthy dose of diet. Apples have a high content of fiber and water, studies showed that eating an apple made children fuller during the day. Apples are rich in fiber thus making you feel full throughout the day.

 Good for the heart

Studies on apple have linked it to be a contributing factor in lowering heart diseases. The reason for this is fiber, fiber helps lower blood cholesterol levels. Apples have compounds that may reduce the risk of asthma! – Asthma is a chronic disease that if you can’t minimize its effect on your child’s body, may have detrimental effects on your kids’ body throughout his journey in life. Thankfully, apples are rich in antioxidants that help our lungs from oxidative damage

 Anti-cancer properties 

With various vitamins and minerals, apples have the necessary nutrients in preventing cancer, such as Lung cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer.

 Apple prevents anemia

Apples are useful when relieving symptoms and treating anemia because apples have iron. Iron increases the number of red blood cells in our body. Apples also ensure proper oxygenation of our essential organ system that often results in much better blood circulations and proper functioning of all organ systems.

Boosts brain health

Apples enhance the amount of acetylcholine in our brain that leads to better concentration, higher problem-solving skills, and improved memory.

Improves vision

Apples have the properties to minimize the effects of macular degeneration, cataract, and glaucoma. Studies show that apples don’t just make your eyes stronger but also helps in treating night blindness. Apples are rich in phytonutrients which can reduce the impact of free radicals in our eyes and prevents eye issues.

Apples lessen hemorrhoids

Apples are abundant in fiber that helps prevent constipation and aids in lessening overly straining excretion, alleviating hemorrhoids,

Promotes good health 

 Apples have malic acid, its essential in keeping our teeth white and shiny. Studies showed that chewing apples helps in stimulating the saliva that helps the risk of tooth decay.

Enhances skin condition

Apples are 86% water, so munching an apply makes our skin hydrated coupled with drinking water. It also rids old dead derma cells thus rejuvenating our skin cells and making them look alive and good. It also helps in aiding different skin conditions making it heal faster than usual.

Cleanses liver 

Liver health is essential as it is responsible for the removal of toxins from our body. So eating an apple or drinking apple juice may help in making our liver healthier.

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