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From Calm to Fierce: Sea Names for Baby Boys

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Once the gender of your baby was revealed, your options and choices are narrower. You can already buy cute boys’ clothes as well as mittens and socks in the shade of blue. You can start preparing the nursery and buy cribs and bedding in the masculine shade. Also, your list of possible names is trimming down. You can focus on selecting from the boy’s name list.

Many choose names for their babies based on their interests. If parents happen to love the sea and everything in it, they can choose related names for the baby. If parents’ special moments are often linked and associated with the sea and other bodies of water, they can opt for sea names for their baby boys.

“Here are some striking suggestions to give you an idea”

Aegir – Name of the sea god in old Norse mythology.

Alon – Filipino word means “wave.” It can also mean “tree” or “oak tree” in the Hebrew language.

Anapos – The water god of Eastern Sicily.

Behr – Meaning “wave.”

Bellus – Angel fish. It can also mean “handsome” or “beautiful” in Latin.

Bruce – Inspired by the actor Bruce Lee, which means “be like water.” It can also mean a “thick brush.”

Caspian – The name became popular as one of the characters in “Chronicles of Narnia.” This is the name of the large sea between Europe and Asia.

Ciabhan – In Irish legend, he is a mortal who fell in love with Cliodhna, a beautiful goddess. He was swept away into the sea by a great wave.

Coburn – Ths is a traditional Welsh name which means “rocky water” or “a stream” in Old English.

Destan – Of French origin, meaning “by the still waters.”

Douglas – A Scottish name which means “dark water” or “black stream.”

Dover – In Welsh and Celtic, the name means “water.” It is also a British seaport on the English Channel.

Dylan – Popular in Welsh mythology, Dylan is the god of the sea. It can also mean “son of the sea,” “son of the wave,” and “born from the ocean.”

Earwyn – An English name meaning “friend of the sea.”

Faneel – Means “sea wave.” 

Firth – “Arm of the sea.” 

Fury – It also means “nothing is more violent than the sea.” 

Glan – Of Welsh origin meaning “from the shore.” 

Harbor – A place where sea vessels take shelter. 

Hurley – An old Irish name meaning “sea tide.” 

Irving – This famous water name for boys means “green river” or “sea friend.”

Jonah – A Biblical character who was swallowed by a large fish. 

Lir – Derived from the name of the Irish god of the sea. Also, Llyr, a Welsh name meaning “the sea.” 

Lotan – A sea monster in Canaanite mythology, servant of the sea god Yam. 

Magellan – A nautical name inspired by the Portuguese explorer. 

Maury – Meaning “sea channel.” It can also mean “dark-skinned” in Polish.

Morrissey – Irish name meaning “choice of the sea.” 

Murdoch – With its Scottish origin, it means “protector of the sea” and “mariner” in Gaelic. 

Murphy – A name derived from the Gaelic name Murchadh which means “sea warrior.” 

Murray – An Irish name which means “lord of the sea.”

Nami – A Japanese water name meaning “surf,” or “wave.”  

Namiko – “A child of the wave” or “a surfing child.”

Seaton – Means “town by the sea.” 

Tasman – Inspired by the Tasman Sea. 

Triton – Of Greek origin meaning “god of the sea.” In Greek mythology, he is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, depicted as having the head and torso of a man and the tail of a fish. 

Zale – A name of Greek origin meaning “power of the sea” or “strong sea.” 

With this list of appealing sea names for baby boys, you can choose from many options one that will fit your cuddly little boy. You can already be planning of teaching him how to swim in the future and open his interests sea and other things associated with it for a more fitting combination. 

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