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Parenting Tips: How to Stop Being a Lazy at Home Mom?

Parenting Tips: How to Stop Being a Lazy at Home Mom?

Being in your 30’s is extremely freeing and it’s fun! During your twenties, you spent thinking of trying to be perfect at everything, but since you’re young you still had the time to do this and that, you learn how to be good at cooking, design your garden and make it perfect, make art crafts that people would love and shop on Etsy, or be the person whose home is always clean and comfortable. You thought these aspects were important. Yes, they are. They play a big part and add value to your life, make you a better mom and learn ways on how to stop being lazy at home mom. 

“Here are the following tips that you can avoid become an unmotivated stay at home mom”

Create small goals.

Whatever your stay at home mom motivation is, you would never accomplish it in just one day. Nobody can. You must start small. If wanting to know how to cook is your target, start with cooking ramen. Don’t buy that expensive cookbook, instead buy cooking for dummies and see you’ll fail. However, it will make you stronger and always practicing helps you get better.

Buying many bins. 

And we mean a lot of bins. If cleaning your house and making it more homely is your stay at home mom motivation to do it. When you were a kid there were fewer options for storage space than you have today. But today, you have baskets, bins, totes, canvas bags and more. You have large bins in every room of your house and that’s where you toss your clutter. Sure, you will receive a compliment from visitors at how clean your house is.

Smart cleaning.

For a long time, you wasted carrying your cleaning materials up and down the stairs, looking for the Glass Cleaner. If it was not under the first sink you checked, and it wasn’t, your lazy mom syndrome would take control and you would surrender cleaning the glass completely. If you leave the paper towels and bottle of cleaner under every sink in your home though, that spurt of vigor when you quickly feel like brushing the water spots won’t be squandered. Another trick would be to use a cleaning caddy, however, that would mean you have to put it aside in the same location and that might be too much.

Buy a George Foreman Grill.

You are the worst cook. Maybe it’s because of your stay at home mom no ambition, laziness or lazy mom syndrome and you were known in the house to burn ramen. But George Foreman can save your cooking life and your husband’s and even your kids. With some fresh fruits and veggies and your George Foreman, you hit the jackpot.

Forego the plants.

You’re staying busy as a stay at home mom with two kids and two dogs. You don’t have energy left to attend to other things. If you don’t own plants, you won’t beat yourself up for ignoring to water them.

Make planning a special event.

Just like going the like or having a movie date, make planning an event. You don’t need to do this every day. Make sure you have time to organize, craft and complete and this means that, you have all the energy to do many things. You don’t want your unmotivated mother self to add halfway through and you will leave the work and abandon it all over your countertops.

Stop pushing children to do activities they aren’t willing to do.

If you were driving your kids from one event to the next, and you weren’t sure if she wanted it. You were convinced that it’s your responsibility as her “motivation for housewives” to make push her to do everything, so she wouldn’t miss inexperience. When she begs you to be at home one day instead of attending an event, from there you will know that you’re not only wasting your time and energy, but you are also wasting hers. If your kid wants to do something, she will ask. She will be upfront of saying she wants to go swimming every day during the summer. So, you will have more time and energy for other important things.

There are lots of other ideas, tips, and information about finding purpose as a stay at home mom and avoid being an unmotivated stay at home mom. You can share it with other moms. If you can impart advice on how to be happy as a mom and complete tasks without getting out of the couch, then we are all ears!

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