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Parents Checklist: 15 Things to do Before Your Baby Turns 1 Year Old

The first year of being a parent is considered a year of milestones for you and your little one. From changing his diapers, feeding him and witnessing his first word, you will surely treasure these milestones. Life can be more memorable and too fast and before you know it you are already preparing for his first birthday. Before your baby celebrates his first year in this world, make sure that you do these 15 things to do before your baby turns 1 year.

1. Snatch their fingerprints

Snatching their fingerprints or footprints is one of the best ways that you can do. This is considered valuable because it is one way to remember how tiny and cute our baby during their first few months. This is indeed a great addition to the list of 15 things to do before your baby turns 1 year.

2. Try to discourage the use of a pacifier

Another thing from our list of 15 things to do before your baby turns 1 year is trying to wean off their pacifier. If your baby is fond of this, as much as possible, you have to wean off and discourage the use of pacifiers before they turn one because it might become more difficult for them to remove the pacifier when you do it later.

3. Potty train your little one

This is the best time to potty train your little girl or boy. Once you go to the comfort room, try to use this opportunity to talk to your kids through the process. You can opt for words that are easy to use for them like poop, potty, and pee. You can also put your kids in the bathroom for them to be familiar with the whole area. As much as possible make your bathroom a fun place where your kid wants to sit.

4. Teach them numbers

One of the 15 things to do before your baby turns 1 year is teaching them different numbers. Yes, your baby may not be able to know the numbers on their own, but playing some counting games can help you do the magic. You can use some toys to help them count and know the numbers in no time.

5. Take many pictures

As you can notice, time flies so fast that’s why it is advisable to take pictures as many as you can. These photos can serve as one of your souvenirs as you reminisce about their early days.

6. Read with them

Another thing that you can do is read them different stories and children’s books. Foster the value of reading so that they will love this activity once they become a toddler. You can start with books that contain larger picture since they do not understand everything yet.

7. Sing them the alphabet song

The more they hear the alphabet song, the more they can learn it. If you want them to learn it better, the best thing that you can do is to sing this song while your baby is sleeping in your arms.

8. Visit the zoo

Before your baby turns one, you can take a visit to the zoo with him or her. You can take different pictures of your child’s favorite animals and try to save them for later use.

9. Do some exercise with your baby

This is considered as a great way to bond with your kids. Make your child part of your exercise routine. You can teach them easy routines to make them safe and comfortable.

10. Watch their favorite movie

Your baby will surely love the idea of seeing their favorite character on the screen, so watching their favorite movie with their mom and dad is an excellent decision.

11. Go for swimming

It is advisable to teach them to swim before they turn 1 to help them become more comfortable in the water. In the long run, playing in the pool can become their hobby.

12. Document or take note all their milestones

Documentation is very important especially when you reminisce all their milestones once they grow up. From their first tooth up to their first step, documentation can be a great help to remember every childhood success they have.

13. Teaching them the sign language

Teaching them sign language at their young age is a great decision. You have to take note that they can start learning this sign language as early as six months old.

14. Teach them colors

As early as possible, try to teach your baby the basic colors. You can use rainbow colors as your reference for a great start. You can also opt for stacking rainbow learning toys to teach them the basic colors.

15. Play their favorite music

You can also play their favorite children’s music. To make it more exciting and fun, you can teach them to dance while playing their favorite lively and funny children’s songs.

Having a little bundle of joy is exciting yet a little bit difficult at the same time. As time goes by, you will just notice that he is already one-year-old. Before he turns one, make sure that you are done doing these 15 things to do before your baby turns 1 year.

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