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The Myriad Beauty Behind the Name Variations of the Name John

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Some parents choose to name their children in pattern. There are those who want their kids to have names that started with Mac or Mc. There are those who choose fruit names for their babies. Others opt to name their children based on their love for literature or interests in science.

Do you happen to like the name John? This name may be short and simple. But behind the name lies a beautiful meaning. Tracing its Hebrew origin, the name John meaning is “God is gracious” or “the Lord is gracious.”  

The name transcends time and languages as it has been a favorite from different nations through the centuries. It has never lost its popularity and considered a favorite for its timeless appeal.

So if you want to make a name list from the name John and considered it in naming your babies, what are the striking choices? What are some variations of the name John?

The name John in other languages

  • John’s variations in Polish are Iwan, Jan, and Janusz.
  • In Greek, the equivalent of John are: Gianis, Gianni, Ioannis, Yanis, Yanni or Yiannis and Yianni  
  • John in Hebrew is Yochanan.
  • In Arabic, John is Yahya or Yuhanna
  • In French, John’s variations are Jean, Yann, Yoan, Yoann, Yohan or Yohann and Yvan.
  • In the Russian language, John is Ioann or Ivan. 
  • John in Spanish can be Iban, Ivan, and Juan.
  • In African, John is Deshaun or Deshawn, Keshaun or Keshawn, and Rashaun or Rashawn.

Male name variations of John


The name is the Welsh variation of the name John. It was once used as a surname but has gained popularity and became one of the top 50 names in the United States and the United Kingdom. It’s another variation Evan, started as a boy’s name but has gained appeal on baby girls too.

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The Irish form of John. It is said to be a relative of a Latin word for “senator.”  It gained additional popularity in the ’80s through actor and filmmaker Sean Penn.


This is considered as the equally famous variation of the name John with a modern vibe. Later it is also linked to the name Jonathan. One famous Jon is Jon Snow of the HBO television hit “Game of Thrones.”

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This name with the European vibe exudes class and modernity. Another variation of the name is Yohan which becomes a favorite both for baby boys and girls of today.


Although the name is often associated with Jack, Jock is a variation of John with Scottish origin. 

Female names for John


Janica is a female variation of the name John but of Scandinavian origin. Famous Janica is the Croatian Janica Kostelic, a former World Cup alpine ski racer, and four-time Olympic gold medalist. The name can also be spalled as Janikka with equally appealing nicknames like Nica and Ica or Jan or Nik for a boyish vibe.


A female variation of John of French origin. It is also another form of the name Jean or Jeanne, Janet or Janette, or Jeanine.


The name Gianna can trace its roots from the Italian language. The name comes from Giovanna, a Latin feminine form of the name John. It has an equally stunning nickname – Gia, Gian, and Gigi. It’s English forms Jannah and Joanna share the same appeal. Famous basketball star Kobe Bryant named her daughter Gianna.


The name Joanne traces its roots in the French language. It carries a lot of other variations like Joanna, Joann or Jenna. It has been a favorite through the years because of its classic beauty.


From Jane or Jean, it evolves to Sine and later became Sheena. Thus, Sheena is the English equivalent of the name Jane or Jean. Famous Sheena includes singer Sheena Easton and Sheena the queen of the jungle, from the Amazonian comic book and television series.

Final words

John may be a short and simple name, but you can discover not just a beautiful meaning but a lot of name variations that go with it. So if you are looking for several names of the same origin, you can add these variations of John to your choices.

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