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Five 7 Letter Boy Names That You Should Name Your Baby

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Your baby might be coming sooner than you expected. You feel the excitement and thrill rushing down through your tummy and feels like your baby’s dancing in pure joy to see you. Then, you and your family prepare for all of the things and clothes that your baby will need. Soon, you will buy stuff and even cute toddler beds and even the best travel bed Your husband too may be busy looking for the best diapers and best onesies options for your little one. Yes, it might be kind of a bit exhausting and then you suddenly notice that you and your husband are not done yet with the preparation. You might be forgetting something very important that you and your baby will carry on forever. 

That would probably be naming the baby. Yes, it is, naming the baby could be hard enough not only for parents but for the whole family. We don’t want to give you headaches too much that’s why we wanted to give our all-out best to you! If you are expecting a baby boy and have been having a hard time finding names. We’ve got it here for you! 

Just that you don’t want the name to belong, so you’re finding 7 letter boy names, 7 letter boy names that start with a, 7 letter boy names that start with c, or classic 7 letter boy names and 6 letter baby names. We’ve listed it here! Check this list out. 

Five 7 Letter Boy Names That You Should Name Your Baby

1. Abraham

Abraham, as you may know, is one of the famous biblical names. It is a good name for you to name your baby if you’re looking after a bible name for your baby. Sure, your baby will be blessed enough having this name! It may not be a sample of names nobody has heard of, but this name would be good for your child. 

2.  Charles

Yes, the name Charles is one of the most popular boy baby names with 7 letters that are being used among all countries. It is one of the most popular royal baby names. As an example of today, Prince Charles of Whales is one of the most famous and elite people who used the name Charles.  

3.  Raaghib

Raaghib is a Hindu baby boy names with 7 letters. Its origin came from the Muslim and means desirous, willing or something of a person with a great desire. Its a potential character is to become a leader and it leads to the desire of spiritualism. If you have an Indian husband and wanting to consider to have a Hindu name for your name baby, then you should probably go with this one! 

4.  Darrick

This might be a weird boy’s name for you and your family, but for Irish people, they are not. This is an example of 7 letter Irish boy names that you can name your baby. Darrick simply means oak-hearted and having a strong potential for leadership and a keen desire for recognition. You can name your baby after Darrick since it can also be one of the best bilingual baby names for multicultural families.  

5.  Jayzier

Last but not least for 7 letter boy names you can consider for your baby is Jayzier. Jayzier is a pretty unique name. This is something you cannot eventually hear in every country and every people. However, Jayzier has been used across some of the places in the United States. So if you want to go for something unique, name your baby Jayzier! 


Whatever name of meaning or even letter counts you want your baby to have. It is important to know that he will grow in love and prosper with enough childcare around the people he knows.  

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