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The Top of the Line Extra Wide Baby Gates

The Top of the Line Extra Wide Baby Gates

As soon as your baby crawls, it is a sign that you need to take extra precautionary measures because this is the time when they will be very curious about the things that they can see around them. This is also the period when the baby is prone to different accidents especially when they suddenly crawl in a certain part of the house where they bump into something or fell off the stairs. It is necessary for their growth and development to learn how to crawl, to provide them a safe environment still, the use of baby gates is necessary to keep them away from danger. Not only that it will keep them away from danger but it will also help you as a parent to do other things without worrying much about your little kid.

You may need to make some adjustments in your house to ensure that the space intended for them is baby-proofed. There are different kinds of baby gates available in the market that will suit your space, you’ll just need to have some thorough research to get good deals that will be very beneficial for you and your baby. In this article, we’ve come up with the best extra wide baby gates that you can choose from.

Evenflo Expansion Walk Through Expansion Baby Gate

Protect your baby from slipping out through space you’ve given them through this baby gate that is easy to assemble. You can use it anywhere in the house no matter how steep or large space is through its ability to be extended in different ranges. It accommodates a wide range of about 24″-60” with a height of 32” tall so that your baby will not have any way to climb. It is not only intended for babies to toddlers but it is also used to safeguard your pets. The gate opens in both directions so as not to cause total obstruction to your space.

This extra wide baby gate is made from a combination of strong wood and plastic to ensure that it will be used for a long period of time. The included hardware mount attachment is easy to install in just a couple of minutes. To promote safeness of use, it is equipped with a special telescoping safety rail that ensures that when the gate was extracted or contracted, the fingers won’t be pinched. 

Regalo Adjustable Baby Gate

The use of this baby gate provides a versatile way of how you will be able to provide your baby with the best protection. It is a 4-in-1 baby gate where it has multiple functionalities such as play yard fence, stairway barrier, fireplace barrier, and the usual standard baby gate. It is made from a durable steel design material that is free from toxic chemicals as attested by the American Society for Testing and Materials’ standards. It is specifically designed for babies ages 6 years old up to the toddler age which is 2 years old. It is equipped with a total of eight 24 inches detachable panels that will be able to create a wide range of about 192 inches wide and 32 inches tall.

This baby gate is portable and easy-to-set-up making it ideal for all time use in the house or in traveling. All of the panels included can be adjusted to fit in almost all spaces. One of the great features of this baby gate to ensure the safeness of your baby is its one-touch safety lock release level functionality wherein there is no way for the baby to open it but an adult can easily pass through it because of its double lock lever handle. It can also b mounted on the walls without the need for different kinds of tools.

North States Easy-Close Baby Gate

Take away all your worries about the safeness of your baby because this baby gate is loaded with a lot of convenient features in a stylish and dependable way. This will suit in every corner or area of your house because its white finish will surely complement your home decor. It can also be adjusted in different sizes depending on the area that you would want to guard. It measures about 28” up to 38.5” wide with a height of 29” which is high enough for your baby or toddler to reach and cross. The baby can use this baby gate as soon as he starts to crawl up to his toddler’s years which is at 2 years old.

Aside from its safeguarding capabilities, it also has a convenient functionality which is the double-locking system which allows extra security but at the same it also has an easy-close, easy-open property that allows the adult to open it using a one-hand operation, making it helpful if the adult is carrying the baby. To preserve the interiors of the walls, it is equipt with tension pads and tension knobs that will stick firmly on the wall without the need for drilling any holes just to set it up. Make sure that this functional and stylish baby gate is on your list.

The North States Easy Swing and Lock Baby Gate

This baby gate is engineered and constructed with durable steel to securely stairways, large spaces, and block doorways. Some parents are undecided to use baby gates because they have a notion that setting this up may damage the walls of your home but the use of this baby gate will remove your worries about compromising the interiors of your house because of this baby gate is easy to set-up without the use of any tool, it makes use of a  sure of a tension pads and tension knobs that uses the pressure to securely stay it in place.

It features an Easy-Swing & Lock Gate where the baby gate will be locked automatically after the swing is closed for added protection. It can be used in small spaces with its 28.6″ dimensions and in large spaces up to 47.8″ wide with a height of 36″. It has a bronze finish that makes it stylish and will surely suit whatever the color of your walls is. This baby gate will surely be passed on to the next generations because of how it was  put together.

Deluxe Decor Matte Bronze Baby Gate, Extra Wide Fit

As its name implies, this baby gate looks elegant because of its bronze finish but aside from the color, its durability because of its heavy-duty metal construction will truly stand out in giving maximum security. This baby gate offers added protection because it is equipped with a child-proof double-locking system in one swinging walk-through panels available. Its hardware allows you to mount it anywhere even in angled walls. It has the ability to be expanded for about 162 inches but you can still add up an additional 15-inch extension or more but it is sold separately.

Not only that this is used in restricting the movements of babies but it is also used in restricting domesticated pets inside the house. It has an easy installation but you can be sure that it will last for a long period of time. Since it has stylish hardware, even though your child is already big, you can still use it as a divider or a stylish room gate. When you purchase this baby gate, you will no longer need other things just to set it up because all needed things are included in the package.

Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru

This is a useful baby gate that can be used whatever the size of the space is because it is retractable and constructible making it great for almost kinds of areas whether an in-room door, staircase, kitchen and even in the play yard. You can be sure that it is safely built because it is drilled in the walls so you won’t have any worries that it might fall off but the brackets can be installed easily without the use of any tool. It can be used in spaces with an opening size of about 44 inches-7 inches wide.

The use of this baby gate will give you total convenience and ease of use because its latch is smoothly fastened where it allows you to open and close it in just one hand especially if your other hand is not available, maybe you are carrying other stuff or you are carrying your baby. It is also equipt with a scratch guard placed on the bottom part of the gate to prevent damaging or scratching the hardwood. Its neutral beige color will not definitely run out of style.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze

This is an attractive baby gate that can be adjusted to suit your needs and personal style. It is not only attractive because of its stylish appearance but consumers look up to this product because of its functionalities. It can accommodate spaces that range between 28.5-48 inches that has a height of 36 inches that is high enough for your baby or toddler to climb or jump in. There are two ways on how you can set it up, its either mounting it by drilling the wall or through the use of a pressure mount where there will be no changes or marks made into your walls. 

Child-proof your space together with this baby gate that will surely give protection to your baby. It features a Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate that has an automatic close functionality wherein you don’t have to constantly close and secure its lock every time you’ll pass by because it will close gently on its own. This baby gate does not only ensure that its job is well done but it ensures that it will serve its purpose for a long period of time.

Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate 27″-41.5″

Prevent your babies from going to areas that may cause danger to them through the use of this baby gate. It has a classic design with a powder-coated finish with some hints of solid wood construction support the durability it gives. It is available in three colors such as black, brown and white so you can easily choose the one that will compliment your home decor and wall paint. It can fit in areas with dimensions of 27 inches to 42 ½ inches with a height of 29 ½ inches with a bar spacing of 2 ½. 

It is lightweight, very convenient if you are constantly changing or transferring it in different areas of your house such as into your living room, bedroom, kitchen, staircases or anywhere the baby needs protection. It can be installed with an angle of about 30 degrees so no matter how irregular the shape of the area is, it will still be resolved. It can also be opened in both directions whether on the right or left side that gives convenience to parents who are passing by. 

Lascal KiddyGuard Avant, White, Retractable Baby Safety Gate

This elegant Swedish-design baby gate will surely fit into your home whether you have a traditional, modern or contemporary theme. You can be sure that this baby gate will not let you down because it passed and meets the European standards for functionality, longevity, and ease of use. It is equipt with a patented delayed locking mechanism with an intuitive timer where it can be used in an easy one-handed operation that ca operate quietly without the usual annoying sound that you can hear fro other brands. It can cater to 48” wide space with a mesh panel of 32.3″  and a 35.3″ height.

This is a convenient baby gate for mall spaces because it has the functionality of a full retractable mesh panel where you can store it in place without disassembling it, especially when not in use. There are no materials used in this baby gate that is chemically based, this company ensures that even how their product was made will not cause negatively, either on the health for long term use.

Final thoughts

Consumers would feel that it seems like there are no significant differences that each of the baby gates has but it is still important to check all the factors needed if it is durable, convenient, ease of use and value for money. The use of a baby gate also allows your baby to explore enhancing his developmental skills.

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