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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Popular Canadian Names for Boys

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This 2019, what is old is new again. In this article, we are going to share some of the most popular Canadian names for boys. Did your son’s first name make it to the list as one of the traditional Canadian names? Read on!


Logan is the family name of Celtic root and has a meaning of “little hollow” in Scottish Gaelic. Consecutively, Logan’s name perhaps originates from a city in Scotland near the Auchinleck, Ayrshire. This one of the unisex Canadian names for boys that became well-known in the English- and French-speaking Canada about ten years ago.


This is among the top baby boy names 2019 Canada which a Hebrew name and comes from the phrases repha and el which means correspondingly “to heal” and “God”. Looking at the words, Raphael means “God heals”. Since the 1980s, Raphael has been a famous first name in Québec and has been getting power in the last 2 decades.


This name originates from Guillaume, which William is the Anglo-Saxon type. William is of the Germanic root, from a will which means “will”, and helm, which means “safety” or “helmet”. This is probably the most common boy name in Canada and famous with the Irish. William’s fame earned momentum in the last 2 decades of the 20th century. William has taken the number one spot in Québec among first Canadian names for boys since 2000.


The name Noah has two potential roots. The first originates from the Hebrew nûah, which means “to rest” or naham, which means “to comfort”. The second root stems from Arabic and has a meaning of “rest”. It is a famous name in Québec since the 21st century.


The name Thomas is a Scriptural name. Initially, Thomas originates in Aramaic, which means “twin”. It is famous in England for eras, the first name Thomas first emerged in the US, and then in English Canada. Over 5% of Protestant men had this first name in 19th century Montreal and about 7% of Irish Catholics. In France, the last name Thomas lived for a very long time, however, it wasn’t the case with the moniker Thomas. It only appears in big numbers in the 19th century. The given name Thomas was well characterized in New France, yet the use of the name decreased in the last century. In the 1990s, particularly with the moniker Tommy, this Canadian names for boys make a great return as a first name.


The name has a lot of roots. The first originates Hebrew and has a meaning of “the people for me”. The second is from the Germanic, came from a will, which means “will”, and helm, which means “safety” or “helmet”. The last potential root of Liam has Anglo-Saxon origins, a reduction of the given name William.


The exact transcript of the Latin Leo is the lion, the emblem of power which was Frenchified to Léon. The first name was famous in medieval England, but mainly in the Jewish people, which seems to be the scenario in the US today. The name Léon was given in the Middle Ages in France, and again in the 19th century. In New France, only about a hundred people have a name Léon. In Québec, just around 1% of men are named Léon in the 19th century. Also, in the middle of the following century, the name Léon vanishes almost completely, and it was Léo who replaces him.


Perhaps one of the unique Canadian baby names that originate from Hebrew Ya’akov and has a meaning of “the one whom God favors”. While Jacques (from “Jacob”) is popular since the New France period, it’s only in the 1980s that the given name Jacob shows in French-Canada and is amongst the most admired for Canadian names for boys.


The name is of Hebrew root and originated from the Nathaniel meaning “gave”. The meaning of the name in Jewish could mean “he gave” or “he will give”. The people with Nathan’s name in Québec have been growing since the 1980s and in 2012, it reaches its peak.


Alexis is of Greek root and derives from Alexandros and the verb alexein which has a meaning of “protect” or “repel”. The name was relatively prevalent in New France than in France. Next, it dropped in use up until the 20th century. Alexis has been one of the most famous Canadian names for boys Québec since 1997.

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