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5 Odd and Unusual Reptile Baby Names

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Baby-names can be considered as one of the most crucial parts after pregnancy. You can have a lot of options with the help of the internet like naming your baby some music inspired baby names, charming bird namesanimal-inspired baby names or some traveler baby place names for babies. Of course, we want our baby to become different and unique among all the other children.

Naming your child is important because it tells a story behind and from within us. It somehow represents our self-identity, traits and what kind of personality we may have. As parents, naming your baby is one of the responsibilities that you should carefully think of and take care of. The impact of the name will eventually reflect on the children as they grow up. 

You may not have considered it yet but may think of such things like naming some reptile baby names, looking for some lizard names and meanings, badass chameleon names, female lizard names or some badass alligator names for your baby girls and boys. Now, don’t you worry because we’ve got anything here for you! Don’t forget to list these names down! 

5 Odd and unusual reptile baby names 


Apollo hit the first spot for reptile baby names that are good for your baby boy. It may not sound like a reptile or lizard name but aside that it is considered as one of the reptile names, Apollo in Greek means “to destroy”. If you’re going to look at the Ancient Greek mythology itself, Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto the twin of Artemis. Apollo was quite famous not only in terms of naming your reptile baby names but also in the other world. 


If you have watched Disney’s Tangled. You could have known who’s Pascal. Everyone wants to be a Princess Sidekick. Pascal is a chameleon and Rapunzel’s best friend. It can be actually under boy names in Disney movies. On a more serious note, Pascal means “relating to Easter” which came from the Latin word paschalis or pashalis. This name is good to look after a baby boy. Pascal is a strong masculine Italian name. 


If you’re longing after some sounds-like Japanese name for a reptile baby name. Then, naming your little one Yoshi will be a good choice. As you may know, Yoshi has been a part of Mario’s life which has a big hear too. Yoshi means “good luck”, “righteous”, “respectable” in Japanese. This name has many name kanji variations is you may look through the internet. 


You might not think of this name but Wally is considered to be one of those badass leopard gecko names or some funny gecko names. Wally is a Scottish baby name is Welshman; Stranger. You might not hear this name a lot because of its pure uniqueness and one of the kind names. Wally can be a good middle name for boys and be a good combination with other classic baby names! 


Oops! You’re hearing it right. Spike is listed as one of the reptile baby names. Aside from that, it may be considered as one of the western names for dogs, some funny Disney names and names for dogs and cats. Spike certainly means heavy nail and long. It is a strong boy’s name and origin from the Americans. The spike names have been used in a lot of movies! 

Wrapping up

There you go! Some of the favorite reptiles baby names have been listed and is such an odd and different kind of name. Whatever name it is, (it may be unique names that mean peace for your little one) make sure that your child will eventually grow to have good morality and good character to other people. It is not only the identity that is important but also how he or she communicates. Choosing a name for a baby may be hard but it is much harder and challenging to help your child develop. 

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