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Top 10 Wonderful Mythology Names for Boys and Girls

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Expecting parents are excited to find the perfect choice of name that they will give to their upcoming precious one. While there are thousands of choices and suggestions available on the internet, in books, and maybe from families and friends, a little research on more specific names and their meanings is worth it. If you are a parent who is fond of mythology names may be because you are fascinated with them or you are an avid fan as well, it can be exciting to find the perfect name for your baby in this area. And if you are not very fond of it though, it still is a good idea to scan through these suggestions and you might find the perfect name you are looking for! 

Mythology names for babies can impart both tradition and strength to them. The Celtic, Norse, Hindu, Irish and other classic myths and legends provide a huge source of name options that combines deep history and freshness. 

Mythology names for baby boys and girls are on the rise now, maybe because of the rise of popular movies and series like Hunger Games where there are amazing names inspired by mythological sources. 

To help parents attain that goal, here is a list of the top 10 wonderful mythology names for baby boys and girls. 


The name Athena is known as the daughter of Zeus. She is the goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, warfare, mathematics, and courage to name a few. She is also the great goddess of the city of Athens. The name Athena is very distinctive and it appeals to many parents who particularly love intelligence because this is what the name suggests. Another version of Athena is Athene, and its Roman counterpart is Minerva. Another bearer of this name is the mother of Ariel in the popular Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”. This very feminine and nice name is a very nice option for parents who are expecting a kicking baby girl. 

2. Achilles

The name Achilles is a Greek name for a boy that means “thin-lipped”. The name is well known in Europe as the great Homeric hero with the vulnerable heel portrayed by Brad Pitt in Troy. This name has a strong and charismatic statement that makes it rise to popularity in 2015. Parents who are expecting a precious baby boy can consider this great name for their little one. It will surely fit their child’s charisma later on. 

3. Apollo

The name Apollo is the name of the god of music, prophesy, knowledge, arts, and enlightenment in Greek mythology. Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. This popular name is quite a nice option for your little handsome prince as well. This name has a strong vibe in it as well and it is a name that your child can carry on without needless awkwardness when he grows up to adulthood. Parents can actually really consider this nice choice.

4. Damon

The name Damon is the name of the god that symbolized loyalty and trust in friendship in Greek mythology. Damon risked his life to make a stand for his friend. This nice name and deep meaning is a great option for your precious little baby boy. When he grows up and has many friends, you will remember the meaning of his name about friendship and loyalty. A nice meaning behind a simple yet attractive name. 

5. Selene

The name Selene is from the Greek goddess of the moon. Selene is one of the top female Greek mythology names that are popular in the United Staes for many years. This name reflects a simple yet elegant and classic statement to it. It has this unique yet very sophisticated vibe in it. Parents who are expecting a precious little girl will surely love this name and may consider this in their shortlist.

6. Cassandra

The name Cassandra is known in Greek mythology as the daughter of the King and Queen of Troy. Cassandra is very beautiful that her beauty made Apollo the god of prophecy to grant her the gift of prophecy. This classic and feminine name is a wonderful choice for your upcoming precious daughter. The name has a very royal and elegant vibe in it. The name Cassie is the best nickname for it as well. Parents would definitely love this selection.

7. Zeus

Of course, Zeus is one of the most popular names when it comes to Greek mythology. Zeus is the god of thunder and the sky. This popular name although being famous has never gone out of style for being a baby boy’s name. Maybe because of the simple, cool, and strong statement it projects. If you think that your baby boy fits the name Zeus, then this is a nice option as well. You can also look for a second name that can complement this name. It would be a perfect name for your kid.

8. Eros

The name Eros was known in Greek mythology as the son of Aphrodite. His name means “love” and he caused people to fall in love. This meaningful name reflects how you truly feel about your precious son, the feeling of deep love for him. It is just right that you name him this wonderful name. For parents who are expecting a baby boy, this wonderful name will become your favorite. Aside from its simple and short form, it has a very unique vibe in it. You will surely place this in your shortlist.

9. Iris

The wonderful name Iris was the goddess of the sea and the sky in Greek mythology. Iris was also the messenger of the gods as well. This wonderful name might be one of your considerations especially if you are a lover of the sea and the skies. Expectant parents with a baby girl will surely love this simple yet chic name. Your baby girl will surely love it as well because it is very short to spell!

10. Anthea

The name Anthea was an epithet of the Greek goddess Hera. The name has a beautiful meaning which is “flower”. It has a unique twist from the name Althea as well. Parents who are expecting a baby girl should consider this feminine and beautiful name that reflects the beauty of their precious little girl. 

The list of top 10 amazing mythology-inspired names for baby girls and boys above are just a few of the suggestions and recommendations that parents can choose. There are numerous more available. But the list is carefully and nicely-picked for general preference. We hope that this article has help parents to come up with the best name for their dear little one. 

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