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Top 6 Catholic or Christian Papal Names for Your Babies

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Winter is here, finally! What a wonderful season! Winter, a season that brings cooler weather, white Christmas, and a lot of baby showers which made it more exciting. Well, parents who are expecting babies in the coming months are really into choosing there babies’ names. Given that there are a lot of baby names list on the track like jazz-inspired names, June baby names or even travel-inspired baby names, there are parents who are still thinking about giving their babies papal names as Christian or Catholic citizens. Papal names for babies are obviously inspired by some popes that have been the shed of light and embodiment of faith for Christians. 

After brainstorming, there has been a long list of names and these papal names for babies must not go to waste so we shared the list of these names to you. If you and your family have a strong faith in the Lord, these names may be perfect for your little one!

The best papal names for babies

As soon as Pope Francis has been selected, it was added to the list of the papal names for babies that was started with St. Peter. Here are the names we are talking about that are still used by a lot of parents nowadays.


The name Adrian is a Latin name that means “man of Adria”. It has been a similar name to Adrienne which is a female name. The name Adrian is used more often in England since the year 1950s which is also the name of one Pope and some saints. Adriano is a variant of this name that is associated with the Roman Emperor, Hadrian. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you possibly know the character, Adrian Pucey.


Another name for the list of papal names for babies is Benedict. The name Benedict is also a Latin name that means “blessed” for baby boys. Aside from the names Ben and Benjamin, this name became a more distinctive choice. Benedict is the name of a saint who formed the Benedictine Order from the Old Testament. Fifteen popes also have this name including a recent pope. An actor who has been famous as Stephen Hawking, William Pitt, Dr. Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s monster, and Sherlock Holmes has the name, Benedict. 


Caius is also a Latin name that means “rejoice”. It has been a classical and serious name but it has been more simple and joyful in modern times. Caius was the name of a third-century pope and an early Christian writer. Caius was also used for many Shakespearean characters and a Twilight vampire character. Caius has a beautiful nickname, Cai. 


The name Clement is a Latin gender-neutral name that means “mild” and “merciful”. This name was the name of fourteen popes and many saints that has a pleasant, positive, and antiquated feel. The famous writer of the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” owns the name Clement, Clement C. Moore. Famous namesakes aside from Moore are Clement Attlee who was a prominent post-World War II British Prime Minister and Clement Greenberg who an art critic. 


The name Eugene may be a boy name in the past, it has been a unisex name nowadays. It is a Greek name that means “well-born” and “noble”. It is a classical name that has been popular because of Jim Carrey who bears this name and quoted, “You can never get too cool with a name like Eugene”. Four popes have the name of Eugene as well as several saints. Literary namesakes are the playwright Eugene O’Neill and Eugene Onegin.


Francis is a Latin boy name that means “Frenchman” or “free man”. The name Francis became more popular because it was the name that has been chosen for the current Roman Catholic pope, Pope Francis. The name Francis can also be perfect for animal-loving parents who were inspired by the patron saint of ecology and had the ability to communicate with animals, St. Francis of Assisi. Another namesake is St. Francis d Sales who is the patron saint of writers and editors. 

Last note

Our faith in the Lord might be tested a lot of times but with these names, we can be reminded about our faith in the Lord and strengthen it as our children with these names, grow up. 

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