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Using Aloe Vera During Pregnancy – How Safe and Reliable is it?

Using Aloe Vera During Pregnancy - How Safe and Reliable is it?

When it comes to the most widely-used herbal remedies, it is no doubt that aloe vera is one of the most beneficial remedies. Its gel-like components are commonly known to heal different topical skin conditions. It is being used in skin creams and beauty products as it contains a number of health benefits. We couldn’t see anything that this plant can’t heal, but most women are curious about whether it is safe to use aloe vera during pregnancy or not.

What are the common uses of aloe vera?

As they say, aloe vera is the only plant that gives more but takes less. In almost every home, you can find an aloe vera. Why is this so? It is because of its many uses such as the following:

1.Hydrates and softens skin.

Aloe vera has a good absorption property thus, it is ideal for oily skin. But, it can also treat dry skin, as well. You can make it as your regular moisturizer after taking a bath to provide moisture to your skin.

2. Treats cuts.

By applying on the affected area for at least three times a day, aloe vera heals while lessen scarring. This plant has molecular components can boost collagen on the skin and fight against bacteria.

3. Heals minor burns

Aloe vera works effectively in healing minor burns. Just apply it on the affected area at least three times a day for faster healing.

4. Can control the blood sugar level.

For patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, aloe vera is an effective remedy to control blood sugar levels.

5. Boosts body immunity

Aloe vera has a rich nutritional value and antibacterial properties that allow it to boost our body’s immunity thus decreases our risk to catch viral diseases and fever.

6. Treats acne.

Pustules and nodules are also one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Don’t worry as these can be treated by simply applying aloe vera in the form of a gel with a cotton swab to the pimple.

7. Heals cold sores

The aloe vera plant has compounds that can fight against the herpes virus, the main cause of cold sores. Just put a small amount onto the affected area twice a day until it disappears.

8. Alleviates eczema.

Eczema is a skin disease that really brings severe discomfort to the person affected. What aloe vera can do is alleviate the itchiness by keeping the skin moisturized.

9. Pain reliever.

Apply aloe vera to the area where there is a wound to relieve pain and burning sensations. Apply the gel three times a day.

Is it safe to ingest aloe vera during pregnancy?

Although aloe vera has properties that could be beneficial for one’s health, consuming it regularly during pregnancy is not advised as it can detoxify and depurate that could lead to the contraction of the uterine wall that can trigger miscarriage or premature birth.

Aloe vera contains certain compounds and molecules that are too dangerous for the mother and her unborn child if consumed inappropriately. Aloe latex, which can this plant produces is a strong kind of laxative that can make an expecting mother lose her electrolyte balance in her intestines.

Aloe vera can be consumed but in small amounts only and occasionally. Also, make sure to ask your doctor about this.

How can a pregnant woman benefit from using aloe vera during pregnancy?

The plant aloe vera may seem frightening to use for some pregnant women, but it also has beneficial uses which include the following:

1. It has loads of nutrients a pregnant woman needs.

Enriched with lots of vitamins and minerals, aloe vera is a great nutrient boosting supplement on an occasional basis.

2. Soothes an itchy belly.

It is common for expecting mothers to have an itchy belly because of the growing womb and hormones. Good thing is that when you have an aloe vera at home which you can apply as a gel to relieve itchiness or redness.

3. Erases stretch marks.

During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur which can cause stretch marks as well as change the skin’s texture and become dry. By using aloe vera to your skin, it will slowly return to its normal condition if applied regularly. This plant stimulates collagen which helps in skin regeneration.

Risks associated with the consumption of aloe vera during pregnancy

Soon-to-be moms must really be cautious enough in taking aloe vera as a juice in as this can lead to several risks such as the following:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Abdominal cramps and diarrhea
  • Muscle weakness and uterine contractions
  • Risk of colorectal cancers
  • Uneven heart rate
  • Induce labor
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Miscarriage/Abortion

Final Thoughts

It is indeed effective and useful to keep an aloe vera plant at home as it can treat a lot of skin ailments, hair problems. Moreso, eating it can even give you minerals and nutrients essential for the body. Some would even blend its leaves and drink it as a juice. However, consuming aloe vera during pregnancy isn’t recommended as it can put the mother and baby’s life in danger. Aloe vera can be used externally but should be avoided for regular consumption. 

Should you ever experience some warning signs during pregnancy, call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment.

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