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What are the 6 Housework Types That a Pregnant Woman Should Avoid

We are naturally born vulnerable especially when we were still in our mother’s tummy. It is important to give extra care to the woman who carries her baby since the unborn child and the woman herself depends on her physical lifestyle. Meaning every food that a pregnant eats, the period of her sleep, people that surround her, and even the smallest things she does every day while at home would always matter because all of these are factors that may affect the developing fetus during pregnancy. 

As a woman bearing your child, how could you avoid the harmful effects to your child when you do your everyday routine? And we know that you’re a caring and responsible partner, a meticulous mother and a person who is passionate to keep things clean and organized in your home– you would’ve to do all necessary actions just to keep everything in place. However, do you know what should be avoided by a pregnant woman when on housework? So what are the 6 Types of Housework to Avoid when you are pregnant? Check out the 6 listed delicate housework for a pregnant woman should stop doing and know a simple tip to escape hazardous.

1. General house cleaning

You probably set a date on when to do all the cleaning with your house because some days you might be very tired or on just a hectic schedule for you to do the chores. So, you want it scheduled on weekends and do everything in a day. Don’t worry we understand, Mommy. However, did you know that too much load of housework may cause you to faint? After that, you would probably fell and don’t know what worse could happen knowing how strong the impact could be. In addition to that by just standing for too long is already dangerous because it increases the chance of miscarriage. Doctors recommend you to do moderate exercise but a long period of housework with exhaustion is a big “NO” so take enough sleep before the long day and go on breaks too while in the middle of housework. 

2. Bathroom cleaning 

The bathroom is just a small space of the house, but why should avoid this? Try to imagine the procedure and the products you use every time you clean the bathroom. You use industrial-grade chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, parabens, triclosan, chlorine, and glycolic acid which is harmful to a pregnant’s sensitive skin and respiration organs due to extreme smell. You could change bleaches to natural anti-bacterial products like vinegar and baking soda. 

3. Laundry washing

You might say in this part, “I have a machine nothing to worry about.” If you are pregnant and the bump is growing bigger but you wash your clothes even though with a machine this does not guarantee your safety. Aside from loading the machine, there will be times that you will carry heavy baskets or do look down and up so you’ll slightly bend your body- which may cause back pain or tummy cramps. We suggest to lessen loads with lightweight clothes only and avoid lifting heavy objects. Another thing is the bleach and detergent, these are agents of allergy reactions so you want to stay away with it or change to mild products and use gloves.

4. Window or wall cleaning

Cleaning windows and walls would require you to climb and balancing to ladders or chairs which is extremely dangerous. The consequences are as scary as your nightmares are. We can’t predict sudden accidents like falling with a strong impact so you should never stand on with stools or tables. You should also be very careful with the stairs.

5. Litter cleaning

Cat, dog or any kind of pet- littering of feces should be avoided. This contains parasites such as germs and bacteria that you would not notice infecting your baby in your tummy. If this can’t be avoided, you should wear gloves and clean after. The same as whenever you have interaction with your loving pets. Disinfect the area if necessary

6. Mopping 

What makes mopping as dangerous house chore that has to be avoided? Light floor sweeping is safer than mopping. A slippery wet floor is simply prone to sudden fall or slide which may lead to bleeding or miscarriage. 

Enjoy housework with frequent breaks 

Therefore, you are an excited Mom and you feel the urge to cleaning and preparing the house for your little one. As doctors always recommend, light to moderate household chore may serve as your exercise to make giving birth easier and away from complications– aside from any vitamins that you need. And not because you’re pregnant you can’t maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your home it’s just a little change in your approach. Whenever you do household chores remember to take your breaks, do everything slowly and carefully. 

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