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What Does the Name Selena Mean?

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What Does the Name Selena Mean?

As parents, we want to name our baby girl a precious name suited for their charming faces. We want to give them a name with inspirational meaning. Selena is one of those names that most parents are giving to their little angels. But what does the name Selena mean? To provide you with a better understanding of the meaning of Selena, here are some of the definitions that can give you a clearer vision of this topic.

What does the name Selena mean?

The name Selena conveys an inspirational meaning of the moon goddess. When it comes to ancient Greek tradition, this name is the daughter of Thea and Hyperion. The name Selene was also the sister of Eros and Helios. This moon goddess is renowned for having a mortal husband named Endymion. She is also said to be a woman who was riding her silver chariot wearing her lit crown wandering around the sky.

The personality of the name Selena

To give you another information about what does the name Selena means, we would like to provide some of the character associated with this name. If your name is Selena, then you are caring, charming, and said to be the spiritually intense type of person. This name is also associated with money and also known for bringing love and a new beginning in someone’s life. When it comes to business, this name is said to be the creator of innovative ideas. Versatility and willingness to learn new things are what make this name an ideal one. When it comes to life, this name is said to have an exciting life. This kind of name is also looking for new opportunities to grow and to achieve financial success. This is also said to be a peacemaker. The name Selena is mentioned to have the desire to balance their relationship with the people around them. Their life will be incomplete if they don’t have someone to share their love, wealth, and their ideas. When it comes to the characteristics, she tends to be more sensitive, a little bit shy, and perceptive. Selena also has the ability to nurture others and develop more patience as time goes by.

Some of the famous persons named Selena

  • Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of the living proofs to give us the best answer to the question, what does the name Selena mean. Selena Gomez is a famous actress, philanthropist, and fashion designer. In addition to this, she is also an executive producer.

  • Selina Li

Selina Li is a renowned actress. She was born in Hongkong on February 12th, in 1981.

  • Selena Royle 

She was a prominent actress who was born in New York City on November 6th, 1904.

  • Selena Fox

Selena Fox is renowned as a Wiccan priestess. She was also a psychotherapist who was born on October 20th, 1949.

  • Selena Quintanilla-Perez

Selena is one of the famous singers and actresses of her time. She is also known for being a fashion designer and songwriter in her generation.

  • Selena Weber

This woman is known for being one of the most famous actresses and models of her generation. Her bikini shots are what make her more famous.

  • Selena Michelle

Selena is a YouTube star who is known as a makeup and fashion enthusiast. She published lots of vlogs and videos to make people inspired by sharing her ideas and skills.

  • Selena Milan

She is another YouTube star. She is a Spanish woman who is known for her self-titled channel. She shares some of her personal stories and accepted challenges.

  • Selena Lim

The eponymous channel is what makes Selena Lim as one of the YouTube stars. She is famous for sharing her lifestyle and travel videos.

What does the name Selena mean? Well, there are lots of meanings associated with this word. Selena is one of the most incredible women you’ve ever met. The woman name Selena can touch your heart. So if you are going to choose a name for your baby girl, consider Selena on your list.

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