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6 Cute and Ideal Hipster British Baby Names for Boys

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 It is challenging to name your babies at some point. You might not know if things will go together well and will go hand in hand. The greatest matters that parents are thinking when naming kids is the meaning and the essence of the name itself. On the other side, parents have also been following the trend of naming some hipster names for their babies too. Parents have been considering if the names that they will name their will eventually fit their baby’s personalities or not. It is quite important to know this matter as this will become your baby’s identity sooner or later. Some Cool and Fabulous Jazz-related baby names might drop into your mind or if you’re going to have labored in December, some cool December baby names for your precious little one are most considerable.

If you are considering some hipster baby names for your baby and your baby is certainly a boy, then try to reconsider these names and give it a shot for you! Whether it may be hipster baby names for boys, hipster baby names from BuzzFeed, you may want to search for some hipster baby names 2018 and hipster boy names 2019 and pairing it with hipster names generator you will like it. Without any doubt, here are the names!

6 Cute and ideal hipster british baby names for boys

1. Atticus

Atticus may sound like Cactus but it is not the one you think of. The meaning of Atticus is “from Attica”. This name’s popularity has increased over the years by the rank of #326. To further add information, Atticus’s origin is from the Latin era and has been used for Male names. It is a trending name in the Romans and has been inspired by the character which has embodied by Gregory Peck that Atticus Finch has become the greatest hero of the American Film Institute. This name is a strong yet different boy’s name!

Atticus has entered the US Top 1000 in 2004. One of the names of the important Roman literary figures has been named after the Greek part around Athens. If you are looking for a similar name for Atticus you could choose Felix, Ezra, August, Jasper, Sillas, Archer and many more. 

2. Bruno

When I see her face, there’s not a thing that I would change. Who would have not known this name yet? This name has captured a lot of people’s hearts and most especially women. For sure, your kid too will capture every girl’s heart. The meaning of the name Bruno is “brown” it came from the German Era. Of course, this name perfectly fits the male and its name’s popularity in 2018 in #655. The name Bruno has been popular not only in Europe but also across the world and in South America, it deserves more attention here in these countries. It has been one of the perfect names for the babies who have been in November or a boy who has been born in any of the autumn months. 

One of the most famous people who have the name of Bruno is none other than the singer and all-time performer Bruno Mars whose name is originally Peter and have been raised in Hawaii. Another one is Dancing with the stars judged by Bruno Tonioli. It is one of the distinctive boy names!


It is Caspar, not Casper. Just to clarify and clear things out! Although the meaning of this name Caspar is all about the keeper of treasure. It may feel that this name has a lot of responsibility and a lot to take in the future, Caspar is the Persian variation of Gaspar. It is a feasible name that started to have its link to the friendly ghost. Caspar is one of the three Magis who eventually brought gifts to Jesus Christ. Caspar was the one who handled the gift of gold. Other similar names that you might consider in the Caspar names are Casper, Casimir, Cassius, Balthazar, and many other names. Try naming this to your baby, who knows? He will have the most appealing designer baby names in the future or coming years! Won’t you like that to happen?

4. Hamish

Hamish is something that you would like to name your baby after all the names you’ve been through the internet. It is indeed an unusual name boys name which is pronounced as Hay-mish. The meaning of this name is “supplanter”. It is a Scottish version and variation of the name James. It is a name that has not been often used. Hamish name became popular during the second half of the 19th century. On the other side, Hamish became popular and familiar through the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

5. Inigo

Inigo means fiery. It is a name for a male baby boy. 

The origin of the name Inigo is from a Medieval Spanish and Basque. Inigo has a name variation of Ignatius. The pronunciation of this name is the short i’s and a hard g’s which is the IN-ih-go. This name is not fairly known to the United States, it is quite intriguing and choice with its strong beat, evocative and creative sound. In the 16th-17th century, Jones shared a name with his father, a London clockmaker. Wanting to consider this name now? Give it a try! 

In case you don’t know, Inigo Montoya is one of the characters from the Princess Bride which has been played by Mandy Patinkin. 

6. Jethro

This name might be a common name to you because some parents use this name for their kids. The meaning of this name is excellence and is derived from the Hebrew. So if you’re looking into a fascinating Hebrew baby name then Jethro would be just fine to name your baby. It is a biblical name (father-in-law of Moses) if you are more curious than ever. You can still name this kind of name since it is still considered a unique name that means grace for babies. Some of the similar names for Jethro are considered as Jediah, Jericho, Jarvis, Ezekiel, Lazarus, and even Inigo. 

In summary

Names can be deceiving likes looks to that is why we must take a look at the meanings of the names before giving it to our baby. Take note to give them out the best and unique classic names so that they too can feel special and different from others (but in a good way). 

Every parent should know that the most valuable thing in this world is not acquiring material things but a real and valuable values given by them. Why not search for some virtue inspired names too? Child growth and development are very important that’s why family date nights too should be allowed and not be missed in your family. Names are someone’s identity and someone’s character so parents shouldn’t be able to manifest keeping it hurry to name their child just because it is on-trend. Know that they will carry this along the way. 

Now, that’s a total wrap! Timeless baby boy names that you may consider as hipster British baby boy names!

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