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10 Cool December Baby Names for Your Precious Little One

December is the month in which people seek the most out of the year. It is the month when families are together, there are plenty of occasions here and there, a month of gift-giving and lots of fun and games. The celebrations, the partying and the presence of one another give us so many reasons to be thankful and be happy about. And some babies are born with a significant event that occurred during December. 

And if you are a pregnant woman, there’s plenty of reason to look forward to! It fills in your excitement and joy of having your newborn go out of the world during the holidays. And sometimes, one key for naming your baby is because of the month itself. December is a month of positivity, enlightenment and sometimes the true meaning of Christmas. For sure that’s the reason to be jolly after all. 

December babies are usually born into a time of year wherein autumn becomes winter, and are frequently thrust into several highly social situations, some of these parents embrace fully the concept of having to name their baby with something that relates to Christmas festivities or any moment in time that is instrumental with December. 

To anyone who is having a baby this time of year, or is mainly fond of everything fizzled, happy, and bright, this list is a great motivation for baby names. While many are inclined to favor December in their middle names, these will also make a good start or idea to name your child. Here is the list of December baby name’s ideas.

December baby names for girls and boys

Christmas is one of the most celebrated seasons of every family around the world every December. But do you know that there are also a lot of babies who were named after a December month and most likely because of Christmas? Check on these December Baby names for your little boys and little girls. 

1. Abigail

A girl’s name that means a “Father’s Joy”, most likely asserting that the birth of a newborn daughter brings joy to father and originates from a Hebrew name “Avigayil”. The name of Moses’ third wife. Nothing brings more joy to a father than naming them after what they brought to them. It is one of the most famous names around the world that easily signifies the joy it brings to a father’s heart and mainly to the family itself.

2. Eve

The meaning of this name is “to breathe” which gave popularity to the Hebrew name “Chawwah” and from the came this name which means “to live”. What way to name your child, Eve. It is one of the oldest names ever and comes from the first woman on earth as per the Old Testament. The name itself speaks volumes as there are also occasions wherein Eve is in use such as New Year’s Eve, Eve of Christmas, a name that can be heard throughout the world during December indeed.

3. Wren

This will be a perfect name for your little winter born bird that is usually seen during cold weather during December. Wren is somewhat famous for a girls’ name and often associated with their cuteness to birds. Wren is a good first name to name your child and some parents follow it up with a more common or biblical middle name. 

4. Whitaker

So many beautiful sceneries come to life during December that snow falling, the early days of winter. This is the reason why parents name their child “Whitaker” which means white field. This will be a very unusual but unique name for a baby boy during winter. 

5. Snow

The scene where snow falls and touches our ground, this only means that the winter is coming and the days and nights that are soon to light up your house is fast approaching. I mean, who doesn’t like being named Snow? It has valuable meaning and a very popular one. Usually, there are no questions asked whenever you are named Snow. Snow is also gaining popularity, thanks to the most popular HBO series, The Game of Thrones which has the beloved Jon Snow. Snow is always associated with December as it is linked to different Christmas things such as Snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree. Everything about snow speaks December.  Open next button bellow to continue reading..

6. Quilo

An unusual name that starts with the letter “Q”. It is from the Roman Mythology that means North Wind and is perfect for that cool breeze that soothes up our December perfect for a Baby boy name. In other mythologies, some Gods are differently named after Northwind and cold. Though it feels like Quilo is still the unique and sleek name to have. Some also say that it is named after the Boreas a Greek god of the Northwind. This name is enormously rare as both a first, middle or last. Chances are you won’t find one due to its rarity. 

7. North

This is one of the four directions on a compass or used in radars. The name North means that the season is changing and is going cold. A name that can be used for both baby girls and boys. This word “North” is related to an Old High German word which means “under” or “down’’. The name north is associated with Cold climates and some of the most landmasses are located to the Northern Hemisphere. The name North is starting to gain popularity over the years. 

8. Nicholas

Nicholas originated from St. Nick or St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas’ story was a rich man in the 3rd century. When Nicholas’ parents died, they left him with a great deal of money and chose the teachings of Jesus Christ in selling what he owned and giving them to the poor and needy. St. Nicholas was known for his good deeds and the way he helped and protected those people who are in need. A perfect name for a boy who has a kind heart and empathy towards people. A magnificent name that means Victory of the people. 

9. Noelle/Noel

This will be an ideal name for a December baby. A baby that arrived under the Christmas tree, the same night that Santa Claus came could be an exact fit for the name. A December name that has two ways to spell depending if it’s a boy or a girl. A popular song during December. “The first Noel”. Truly cool Christmas name you could give to your bundle of joy.

10. Mary/Merry

A name that is spelled, either way, is one way of reminding your baby when he/she was born. When being named Merry, nothing comes to mind but the idea of Christmas or December. Some people believe it was being originated from Egyptian age which means “Love”. A perfect reminder of the arrival of your newborn during December and the happiness it brought to you and your family.


There are a lot of December baby names one could think. But always remember that naming your child is with your own decisions regardless of any significant events that happened during that day. Unique Christmas baby names are rising because countless names are associated with it. For me, naming your child with biblical meaning plays a vital role to them as hopefully, it will resonate with them as they grow. We’ve listed some of the best names you could name your child. We hope it factored in when choosing the right one.  

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