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Top 7 Baby Boy Names with Miracle Meaning

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Top 7 Baby Boy Names with Miracle Meaning

A baby is indeed a miracle and a blessing. Everyone is excited to have and meet a little angel most especially when it is your first time in the family. As usual and as practiced, people are not only excited about the baby’s arrival but everyone’s excited too on how the parents are going to name their baby. Whether it will be a boy or a girl, a baby is a new important part and member of the family. So, if you are having a baby boy right now and you are considering naming him after meaning after a miracle has happened. Then you’ve gone it to the right place! We’re about to give you some classic names for your baby boy and some baby boy names meaning miracle in it.  

For sure, you’ve been finding baby names meaning gift of love or boy names meaning miracle or survivor. Whatever the possible situation you have been, we are happy to say that your baby is brave to keep on fighting on with you and believing the both of you can! 

Top 7 Baby Boy names with Miracle Meaning

1. Asher

Asher means blessing or fortunate. This can be considered as one of the biblical names meaning blessing in the bible. Asher came from the old testament and Asher was the name of one of Jacob’s sons. 

2. Aaron

Aaron means miraculous. Eventually, it is a boy name that means a miracle. Aaron is an English name and has always been at the top over the years and has always been a choice for parents to name their kids. Other parents don’t know that this name with a profound meaning has a symbolic thought within it. 

3. Barrack

Just like the former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Barrack means blessing and came from the Arabic root name. Former President Barack Obama has made this name famous as he inherited the moniker of his Father. 

4. Cayden  

It may sound unusual though it may sound nice and modern, Cayden is a Gaelic name which means fight or fighter. Others incorporate Cayden as boy names that mean survivor. Nonetheless, Cayden is pretty actually a good name for your baby. One of the unique names you can get! 

5. Matthew

Matthew is also a baby boy names meaning miracle and a gift from god. If you are having a hard having a child and suddenly god answered your prayers and it’s a boy. It’s not quite bad enough to name him after Matthew. Matthew is one of those Hebrew baby names. 

6. Thaddeus 

The name Thaddeus has been seen in the cartoon series and episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. Eventually, Thaddeus means “blessing from God” or “Gift from God”. Thaddeus is quite a cute baby boy’s name!

7. Theodore

The name Theodore is masculine and defies the words “Theos” and “Doron” which simply means of God-given or God’s gift. So if you are looking for baby boy names meaning blessing from god, baby boy names meaning gift of love, baby boy names meaning precious gift, or simply boy name meaning gift. Theodore is surely the name you need for everything. It is quite a popular royal baby name too!


Thinking about a name is quite hard most especially when it has to have a meaning. However, everything will eventually change and be worth it when you have already met your prince. It is quite true that giving birth is one of the most and toughest things a mother can encounter. Indeed, the most rewarding, hardest, challenging a mother could ever experience in her life. So choose some of these bible names or unique names for your son!

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