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6 Ideal Best Names That Means Air for Babies

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It’s happy when you ought to hear the pretty or handsome name for your baby after thinking so many things and considering a lot of meaning. You may have chosen of particular name that could mean so much to both of your partners and wanted to incorporate everything up to your baby. 

Often, we dreamt about having a different kind of name while we are young through creating shortcut names, nicknames and even some weird spelling within our names. It is usually base on the trend of the generation. If you know Ang, the last air bender, you could probably be naming your kids beyond these four elements. The Earth Element, The Fire Element, The Water Element, and The Wind or Air Element. There are a lot of baby names in this world, and you can choose as many name meanings as you can. Having some appealing names that mean water would be a good idea or some Cancer baby names too! You don’t have to go over through charts because the internet will provide you with anything that you might need. 

If you want, you can follow naming your babies as one of Ang’s (the last air bender’s element) Take note that it might be quite a challenge for you and your partner to pick an element because you might contradict each other and might not be compatible too. Without any doubt, we are here to give you out some of the best names that mean air for babies. We don’t want you to think hard enough of these situations, so some of these names will best fit your baby. How about let’s give it off a try now for some names that mean air for babies or boy names that mean air? 

6 Ideal Best Names That Means Air For Babies. 


Aside from a unique girl name that means fire, Alizeh is a perfect name for your baby girl. The meaning of the name Alizeh is wind, and it originally came from Persian. In real life, this old Persian name was chosen by an actress named Geena Davis for her daughter. There are a lot of variations of these names forms, and you will not believe that these are one of those. It is Alissa and Eliza to the French name Alizee, but on the contrary, it is quite hard to explain how to pronounce these name versions. 


Bayu is a name that is something different too. It is an Indonesian that means wind. It is sometimes being mistaken as Bayou though it may sound the same, it is different from one another. However, both names are Indonesian in the same way and level. The Bayu name has meaning variations in English in particular with nature. If you are looking for multicolor and bilingual names for your baby. You shouldn’t hesitate to name these as it is believed as the best name for your baby. Bayus’s name counterpart and similar are with the names of Moka, Jaana, Alzata, and Coraline. 


Every person knows these words as this may be correlated to the colors of the rainbow or Crayola colors. However, this is not only the color that you may know as Blue represents the names that mean air too. Blue is a unisex name which means it can be both uses by girls and boys. The origin of the name Blue is English or American. It has the meaning of being alone or sad. As they say in a song, Bluer than Blue. This has been considered by the parents who cannot decide on their baby’s name. It is a great nickname and calls out for a baby! Easy and short to remember. Planning to name your baby blue? Why not? It is something worth it than ever! A name that means air for boys. 


When you hear this name, you can eventually say that you can feel the Heavens and Earth. As we know, Celestial is something up above in the sky and somewhere around the Milky Way Galaxy. For instance, We even treat God as a Celestial creature that is invisible in our naked eyes. Meanwhile, the name Celestial means of the heaven and earth, of the planets and the stars. This name initially came from a Latin word. It is as an almost unique baby name as every girl’s name that you might have heard often like Sophia, Charlotte, and many more things. It is a unique name for Celeste. This name was given only to nine babies last year. It may have been disregard, but Celestial is also a title of several albums and can even be heard in comic books and songbooks. This certainly is a name that means sky or heaven you could even have this as a name that means wings. 


Jumping in the other names, Nasima means fresh air or breeze. It is used as a female name. You may have been tired hearing some of the most used names usually in 2017, 2018 and 2019. To give you out a fresh start and a new idea. Nasima came from the Arabic region, and it is the best use for a girl’s name. Nasima can be considered a Unique and classic baby girl name. Arabic identifies this name as an exotic one and is usually both used by Christians and Arabians. If you may not believe, Nasima is associated with the spring festival. Some of the name variations of Nasima are Pengeen, Bahira, Salana, Abena, and Neoma. This name variations have been picked out by the people and have been chosen by them. In case you haven’t seen any good one you can do some name generator online to guide you with your name hunt further. 


Up above the clouds, the world is so high, like a diamond in the sky. Sky signifies clouds, wind, and air. It is a unisex name and can be both used by males and females. In a more profound thought and meaning, it symbolizes the distance up above us or the distance and upper regions of the air. The sky is a modern mutation of the word Old Saxon which is Scio and has been borrowed by the Old Norse sky which means cloud. With regards to nature, Sky is considered as a hippie name back in the days. Isn’t that amazing? It is the same with the hippie names Rainbow, Echo and River. It is a boy’s name that means sky. 

Wrapping Up

No matter what your baby name would hear or look at, may it be a name for air elementals, the ancient name for air, girl names that mean Earth or name that means runner, It is best that he or she will grow up confidently and will full of love and care. Note that these days, we’re quite having a hard time raising kids of attitude and behavior. Thus, we still have the responsibility to take action with our kids. It is not only the name or type of name that we should focus on but merely the development and growth mindset for activities. 

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