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6 Unique Spooky Baby Names for Girls

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6 Unique Spooky Baby Names  for Girls

We all want our babies’ names to be unique and of course different from everyone. Sometimes, as parents, you get tired of searching for what kind of name should you name your baby. There might be a lot of debate that will happen sooner or later and might fall into having a family feud. For instance, even popular royal baby names in the Royal Palace in Great Britain or the United Kingdom have something to do with their Duchesses and Duke of the said place. Well, so much for that. Nowadays, it is not only technology that has been evolving into a series of things. If you wanted your child to have a different and out of this world name. Why don’t you have some spooky baby names? And since it is the Halloween Season you might want to have some Halloween names for your baby or gothic names and haunting names. Well, we don’t want to scare the other kids but you might want to try some ghost-themed names too for your baby. 

6 Spooky Baby Names for Girls 


If you think about what we’re thinking, then you are right. Arachna is someone you don’t want to mess things up. She might unleash all those spiders in you. It is a spooky name for spider woman. This should be great Halloween spam names for Instagram for a catch. Just kidding


The Vampires are here! As you all know Bella from Twilight is the wife of Edward Cullen. If you think your kid can nail this name up then you are on the go. It may not be some to be some creepy vintage names but you can unleash what you mean during Halloween. Dress her up with some Vampire attire and find her an Edward Cullen guy!


This Carrie’s Stephen King’s Telekinetic Teen is something you would like to name your precious baby girl. What Spooky baby name for Halloween. As you all know Carrie is a brave teenage girl. You can pair it with eerie last names. But we don’t suggest you too, Carrie would be enough. It can be one of those prettiest spirited baby names too, somehow.


We surely think that you know who Cruella is. Suggesting that if you’ll have this named after your baby. You need to get 101 dalmatians, just to give justice to the name. It might not seem so scary but it sounds cruel and it is matching with Halloween. This would do the work!


Just be careful your kid might poison someone else. You got that right, you can name her from DC comics character Poison Ivy. Who knows? She might someone like batman too when she grows up? If you’d like you to want to pair Ivy with some spooky baby names to through Halloween names generator or scary names generator. Sure, that would work out. 


Die-hard of a Disney Movie? Why not name your baby after Maleficent from sleeping beauty? Sure it won’t be hard for you to dress your kid in Halloween since it is written upon her name. But that doesn’t mean that she’s gonna grow up dark or evil you know. 


There it is! Some recommendations that you may want to have as your baby girl spooky names. Then again, we always remind parents that it is up to you on what style and what kind of fascinating baby names you want to name your baby. Just let the child grown with an abundance of love and care and sure they will be prosperous in their life. In all actuality, these spooky names might soon be used as Halloween character names, dark sounding names and spooky usernames by your kid!

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