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Top 8 Warrior Names for Boys

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Top 8 Warrior Names for Boys

It is quite hard and tough for parents to think of their baby names. Have you ever thought of considering something for the name of your baby? LIke music inspired baby names, or Croatian baby names. Well, most of the people follow their parents too into naming their babies. For instance, you might be naming your baby after your great grandfather and great grandmother. On the other hand, parents combine their names too for them to come up with unique and cute names for their babies. 

No matter what you may think it will be, for sure you are considering so many things to name your baby. You might get confused if you’ll name him after boy names that mean protector, boy names meaning strength and honor, masculine boy names, uncommon strong boy names or even bible names. Well as far as you may notice, there are a lot of children whose name is after bible verses and even the twelve apostles. It’s quite amazing that you have met Matthew a while ago then suddenly another Matthew will come your way. That’s a bit awkward for both Matthew’s. Like who’s who and which and which?

Anyway, naming babies can be quite stressful because aside from you have to consider different facts that your mother and father eventually suggested to you, you will also consider your child into that part. You might ask why and how? Alright, How and why? It is solely to write their names. You don’t even want your child to be tired writing up his name into exams, registrations, projects, and everything. Yes, it may be unique and maybe names that mean guardian angel or some strong boy names, but remember to not let your kid have a hard time writing and saying just because of his name.

So, to help you strengthen your knowledge and decide what your baby’s name will be. We’ve got some list of baby names for your baby boy to consider. Here are some heroic or warriors names for boys that you may like! We’ve attached some meanings and comments into it!

Top 8 Warrior Names for Boys

1. Alexander

Alexander got the top spot for our warrior names for boys! Alexander means the defender of man. It is one of the most powerful and popular names for boys as you can feel the masculinity within its name. Alexander comes from Greek and another name from Greek Hero in Paris. The name Alexander can also be seen in the Bible. Oh, what a strong biblical boy name. Alexander is such a good warrior name for boys, you cannot only feel that he will protect and defend you but he also has this charm that can melt your heart. 

2. Arthur

You could have probably heard a lot of boy names with Arthur most especially with Kings and other Royal Highness members of the Palace. Well, to give you a bit overview Arthur is related to “artos” which means “bear”. If you notice, it may also be related to Gaelic word “art” which means “stone”. We just have our thought in mind, why not name your child “King Arthur” sure everyone will kneel and say “Your Highness”. What do you think? Sure, it is one of the names meaning leader or king or boy names that mean royalty.

3. Aquila

If you want something different like a unique celebrity baby name, warrior and heroic type of name. Try naming your baby after Aquila. It means powerful as an eagle. You can also use this not only for masculine or boys but can be used in girl’s names. It may sound odd but your child may soar up high if you name him or her after Aquila. 

4. Bart

Nope, he is not from the Simpsons. He is not Bart Simpsons. He is Bart Rich in Land. It is a shortened name for Bartholomew, a Hebrew name if you may ask. This name is quite fashionable for whose child fought in a war. It is a Biblical name too!

5. Blaine

Such a unique name! It is a Scottish name for Blane this name simply means yellow. And if you adore and like this kind and type of color. You should shower your child with Blaine or Blane’s name. It is derived from the old Gaelic “Blaan”

6. Gael

Gael is not only a girl’s name but it can also be a warrior name for boys. It is an Ancient name it is said to be from the Gaelic and came from the word Gaelic. Are you confused yet? Don’t worry it all boils down to naming your Child Gael or Gaelic. Try searching this is one in the baby boy names and meanings. For sure you’ll be finding a lot of Gael in it!

7. Garrett

No this is not an Electronic Company in Texas and this is not the one who sang Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistakes). This is Garrett with a double R and a double T which means spear and hard or hardy. Did you know that Garrett is a Germanic name for Gerard? Oh yes, it can happen. Garrett is an English warrior name. This one sounds good. 

8. Griffith

This name may sound like most unusual baby names but their meaning is nothing like a chief warrior. Consider this as one of the names that mean honorable warrior for boys. It is just hard to pronounce, spell and say but if you wanted to push something unique and ideal for your kid. Why not try this Griffith? Seems like your child is in Harry Potter though


These are just some of the names that you can consider for your boy’s name. (It may classic baby names or popular names or whatsoever) Notice we haven’t even rich to the letter Z yet ‘cause there’s still really a lot. From boy names meaning brave, famous warrior names male or europian warrior names you can choose whether what name it would be. But don’t focus too much on naming the baby or your child, you still have to consider that the real deal should focus on how both of you as parents will teach your child to be good and great. Show off your parenting style and how both of you will raise him.

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