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The Beatles Nostalgia Names Inspired by the Beatles

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Many people have fallen in love with the iconic band, The Beatles. They have recorded 200 songs and above, which makes them one of the most influential boy groups in history. Their popularity continues until today. Since they are influential, many parents used this band as their inspiration in choosing a perfect name for their babies. If you are one of their avid fans, then these names inspired by The Beatles might be a good option for you.


One of the names inspired by the Beatles is the name, Lucy. This name was derived from their song entitled “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” This song is part of their 1967 album, and it was written by the iconic singer and songwriter John Lennon. Lucy is a Latin name that conveys a definition of “light.” Lucy is one of the music inspired names that you should include in your option.


Another addition to the names inspired by the Beatles that you can use for your little rock star is the name, Bill. This name was popularized by their song entitled “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill.” John Lennon wrote this song and released in 1968. This song was said to be a bit of fun and become one of their hits. When it comes to the definition of this name, “resolute protection” is the best meaning associated with the name Bill. Such a perfect name for your little boy!


Looking for baby names inspired by songs? Well, the name Jude might be the right choice for you. Many people are familiar with this song “Hey Jude,” not only the people in the Beatles generation but even the millennials. The song Hey Jude was written by one of the members of the band named Paul McCartney. This is a remarkable song that became a top-selling and number one hit in many countries. The name Jude is a Hebrew name that conveys a meaning of “praised.”


Desmond was popularized by their hit song entitled Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. This song was released in 1968 and said to be written by Paul Mc Cartney. Again, this song became a hit and became number 1 in some Asian countries. Desmond is one of the best names for your little boy that conveys a definition of “gracious defender”. Also, the man with this name is said to be very idealistic and spiritual. What a great name to use for your future singer!


Are you familiar with the Beatles successful song entitled Penny Lane? This song became a hit all over Europe and the US. The name Penny was inspired by this song, which was initially written by the great Paul McCartney. Another great thing about the name Penny is its meaning. Penny has a great definition of “a weaver girl” since it is derived from the name Penelope. Another great addition to your list of names inspired by the Beatles!


If you are one of their fans, then there is a higher possibility that you also fell in love with one of the band members named John Lennon?  He was renowned for being the rhythm guitarist as well as the co-lead vocalist of the famous band. This man is also famous for being a singer and songwriter. Considering the name John for your cute baby boy can be a great option since it conveys an excellent meaning of “God is gracious.”


Are you one of those people who fell in love with the song entitled “Michelle?” This song captured the heart of many people from all over the world. Michelle is a love ballad that won many awards and became one of the most recorded Beatles songs. In addition to this information, the name Michelle also gives a great definition of “who is like God.”


I bet you know someone named Eleanor, right? Well, the name Eleanor was popularized by their hit song entitled Eleanor Rigby. The lyrics of the song Eleanor Rigby is about loneliness. Paul McCartney wrote this, and it was released in 1966. Giving this name to your little miss can be a great decision because it provides us with a meaning of “bright and shining one.”


Okay, who would forget this name? The name Paul became popular again because of the great Paul Mc Cartney, who happened to be a famous singer, songwriter, composer, and co-lead vocalist of the popular band the Beatles. Aside from being a musician, he is also renowned for being a film producer. Such a talented guy! Another great thing about the name Paul is its meaning. Paul conveys a definition of humble or small.


“Dizzy Miss Lizzy” is the inspiration of this name. In 1958, this song was written and performed by Larry Williams. After several years, the Beatles re-recorded this song, and John Lennon was the one who performed it. Because of their rendition, the name Lizzy became popular, which makes this one of the most used names by many girls. This name has a definition of “pledged to God.”


The name Julia was used as the title of their song “Julia.” John Lennon performed this song, and this is said to be a tribute for his mother, who died at the age of 44. Julia has an excellent definition of “youthful.” Women with the name Julia is said to be competent and practical. Now that you know these things about Julia, then you have the idea of what name to choose for your little bundle of joy, right?


Are you one of those people who make the songs of the Beatles as one of their theme songs? If yes, then you might be familiar with the name Martha. “Martha My Dear” is one of their successful songs. Paul McCartney wrote this song, and this is about his interest for Jane Asher. Romantic right? If you are having a hard time deciding what name to use for your newborn, then considering Martha might help you with this matter since this name conveys a great definition of “lady’.


Sexy Sadie, what have you done…. Are you familiar with these lyrics? Well, this is a line from their successful hit entitled “Sexy Sadie.” John Lennon wrote this song during his stay in India. Because of this song, many parents named their newborns Sadie to express their love and admiration for this song. This name is suited for your little princess since it has a definition of “princess.”


The song entitled Lovely Rita was popularized by the famous Paul Mc Cartney. This song made the name Rita as one of the most famous names in history. The name Rita has a definition of “pearl.” Since you considered your little one like a pearl, then choosing this name is suited for her. The girl named Rita is known for being creative and they love to express themselves. 


Many people have fallen in love with the manly and exciting sound of this name. The song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” is a great contributor in making this name as one of the trendy names for every baby boy. This name has an excellent meaning of “stream or great well”. The man named Maxwell is said to be in love with the thought of being stable. They are also romantic and compassionate.

There is no doubt that the songs created by the famous band, The Beatles, are timeless, enchanting, and everyone’s favorite. With that being said, many parents use names inspired by The Beatles to show their admiration and love for the said band. If you are one of their avid fans, then this list of names can help you in choosing the right one for your newborn.

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