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Colorful Baby Names Top 10 Names that Mean Purple or Violet

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When you were still a child, do you remember your favorite color? I bet you are smiling right now because you remember how fond are you of that color. That favorite color of yours can be seen in your dress, school supplies, shoes, and even your bags. Now that you are already an adult, are you considering that color to name your little angel? Nowadays, many people using different colors to name their newborn. One of the colors inspired names that many people are choosing are the names that mean purple or violet. Here are some of the names that you can consider:


Looking for a name like purple? Amethyst can be the right choice for you. This name is renowned as a semi-precious stone with a purple color. This is indeed one of the most famous names that mean purple or violet. People with the name Amethyst is said to be creative and artistic. Since you are seeing your baby girl as a precious stone, then considering this name is perfect for your little girl.


If you want to consider names that mean purple or violet, Bora is a great name for your little angel. In the Korean language, this name conveys a definition of “purple”. The girl named Bora is famous for being romantic and passionate. Their magnetic personalities and generosity make them one of the most admired people.


Calfuray is a perfect addition to the names that mean purple or violet since this name has a meaning of “violet (flower)”. Calfuray is one of the unique names for baby girls. The girl with this name is said to be an emotional but reasonable type of person. Also, she is said to be famous for being talented.


The name Hyacinth was inspired by the name of a flower with a violet color. This addition to the names that mean purple or violet has a definition of “purple” in Greek. Women with the name Hyacinth is famous for leadership abilities and personal independence as well.


The name Indigo is a unisex name for your little bundle of joy. This name has a definition of “Indian dye”. When it comes to color, Indigo is said to be a perfect combination of the colors violet and blue. Indigo is one of the most charming and appealing names of this generation. This name has a hippy and artsy vibe.


Ione has a meaning of “violet flower”. This name is said to be created for every baby girl out there. Ione is renowned for their love and companionship. She tends to become a great philosopher and teacher because they are excellent when it comes to analyzing different things.


Many parents are in love with the sweet and charming sound of the name Lavender. This is one of the most popular names and surname nowadays. Its charming retro appeal is what makes this name as one of the most favorite! Girls with this name are said to be artistic and friendly.


Another unique name that you can use for your little angel is the name, Sigal. This name carries a definition of “violet and treasure”. This Hebrew name is considered as a gender-neutral name. The name Sigal may sound unusual, but it has a mesmerizing and beautiful sound.


The name Viola carries a Latin meaning of “violet”. The girls with this name have a higher chance to become an adventurer and friendly. They are also famous for being optimistic and intelligent. Choosing this name for your little miss can be the right decision for you.


The name Iolanthe is famous for baby girls. Iolanthe carries a definition of the violet flower. This name is also said to be the softer version of the name Yolanda. The girl named Iolanthe has the characteristics of expressive, creative and artistic.

Searching for the best name for your newborn is considered as a fun and exciting process since this is the very first gift that you can give to your little bundle of joy. Some people believe that the name they’ll give to their babies can affect their future career, personality and success in life that’s why choosing the best name is a crucial decision for them. If you are still on the process of searching a perfect name for your baby, then these names that mean purple or violet can be an excellent choice for you.

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