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Fitting Names for Capricorn Babies

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Parents consider many factors in giving babies their names. One of which is giving names related to when the baby will be born.  When you count the days and the months from conception and the childbirth will fall from December 22 to January 20, then, you can consider baby names under the Zodiac sign Capricorn.

Capricorn baby names for boys

Aaron – Of Hebrew origin meaning “high mountain,” “mountain of strength” or “exalted.” Variation: Aron

Abraham – In Hebrew, it means “father of a multitude.” Also, a Biblical character.

Clint – In Old English, it refers to “a settlement on the summit.” Also, Clinton.

Colby – In Old Norse, it means “from the dark country.”

Duncan – In Scottish Gaelic, meaning “dark-skinned warrior.”

Ebenezer – In Hebrew, “the rock of help.”

Emil – In Teutonic, it means “industrious.” In Latin, it means excellent. It is the masculine form of Emily.

Ethan – Of Hebrew origin meaning “firm,” “steadfast,” “enduring,” and “long-lived.”

Flint – In Old English, it refers to “a hard stone.” It can also refers to “a stream.”

Giles – The Greek word for Capricorn’s symbol, the determined, young goat. 

Hamilton – From the Old English meaning “from the crooked hill.”

Harel – In Hebrew, it means “God’s mountain.” 

Jethro – In Hebrew, it means “excellence” or “abundance.” In the Old Testament, he is a Midianite priest who sheltered Moses when he fled Egypt.

Keenan – In Irish Gaelic, “the little ancient one.”

Kendrick – In Celtic, it refers to “a hill.” It also means “greatest champion” and “family ruler.”

Landon – In Old English, it means “from the long hill” or “ridge.”

Mervin – In Old English, “raven” or “friend of the sea.”

Ridley – In Old English, it means “from the cleared wood.”

Standford – In Old English, “a dweller of the rocky ford.”

Tor – In Celtic, it means “a rock.” It also means “from the craggy hills” and can also refer to a “watchtower.” Also, Thor. It also became popular because of Marvel films. 

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Capricorn baby names for girls

Amelia – In Teutonic, it means “hardworking” and “industrious.”

Antonia – In Latin, it means “praiseworthy,” “priceless” and “beautiful.”

Briana – In Celtic, it means “honorable,” “noble,” “strong,” “virtuous.” Feminine form of the name Brian.

Chantal – Of French origin meaning “stone” or “boulder.” It can also mean “little singer.”

Constance – Of Latin origin meaning “steadfast.”

Dione – Of Greek origin, referring to a satellite of Saturn

Fabrianne – In Latin, it means “resourceful.”

Holly – A Christmas plant.

Irma – In Latin, means “noble.”

Judy – In Hebrew, “the praised one” or “she will be praised.” Variations are Judith and Jodie. It also means “woman from Judea.”

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Kiera – In Irish Gaelic, “dark” or “black.” Referring to the long nights of the season.

Leila – In Arabic, “dark beauty.” It also means “night” or “daughter of the night.” Also, Laila

Montana – In Latin, it means “from the mountains.”

Lesley – In Scottish Gaelic, it means “from the grey stronghold” and “garden of the hollies.”

Melinda – In English, “the dark one.” Mel means honey or honeybee and Linda means “beautiful.” Thus, the name can also mean “beautiful honey.”

Nathalie – In Latin, means “born at Christmas.”

Novella – In Greek, it means “new” or “born in the New Year.” Variations are Nouvella and Nova.

Nicole – In Latin, it  means “Christmas” or “people’s victory.” 

Orea – In Greek, “the maid of the mountains.”

Tara – In Irish Gaelic, it means “a rocky hill.” It can also mean to “where the kings met” in reference to Tara’s Halls, where ancient Bards sang deeds of Irish heroes.

Thalia – A Russian name which means “born at Christmas.” In Greek, it means “to blossom” or “to flourish.” In Greek mythology, she is one of the Greek muses assigned over comedy and pastoral poetry.  

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Final words

There are many ways to consider in giving names to babies. And when you are sure that childbirth will fall in this season of long nights and cold period, these Capricorn baby names will surely fit on your little ones. 

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