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Sperm Survival: How Long Does it Take Sperm to Reach the Cervix?

In order for women to get pregnant, men’s sperm should reach the woman’s cervix. Pregnancy officially starts when the sperm and egg cells unite and fertilized. When it comes to the things related to pregnancy, one of the most asked questions is, “how long does it take sperm to reach the cervix?” To help you have a clearer understanding of this topic, here are some of the facts about the sperm and its survival. 

Facts about the sperm cells

Before dealing with the question “how long does it take sperm to reach the cervix,” it is best if we know some facts about sperm first. How long does it take for sperm to regenerate? You have to keep in mind that the men’s body is almost working every day to produce millions of sperm. It takes ten weeks before the sperm regenerates and create new sperm cells. How long does boy sperm typically live? The sperm can only live for a few weeks and take note that almost 39 million of them are released during ejaculation; that’s why the men should produce sperm throughout their adult life. 

How long does it take sperm to reach the cervix or the fallopian tube?

How long does it take for sperm to reach fallopian tubes and the cervix? According to the studies, it can take 45 minutes up to 12 hours in order for the sperm to reach the cervix or the fallopian tube. The sperm cells that already survived are said to have a long journey. They are allowed to travel for about 18 cm from your cervix to the fallopian tubes. Sperm cells can travel at around 2.5 cm for every fifteen minutes, and that’s quite a long journey. The fastest sperm can reach the egg for approximately 45 minutes. 

How long can sperm live inside the female body? 

You have to take note that when the sperm is inside the woman’s body, they have the capacity to live for five days. But some people believed that the lifespan of the sperm inside the body of a woman is still unpredictable. According to some experts, the sperm’s lifespan is still depending on the cervical mucus, which is said to be a great provider of nutrients for the sperm to survive. Also, there are some studies that proved that the sperm’s lifespan also depends on the natural flora, which is found in the reproductive tract. 

 Getting pregnant 

Now that we are already aware of how long does it take sperm to reach the cervix, let us now find out how long does it take for a girl to get pregnant. You have to keep in mind that the duration of time for a girl to get pregnant is different from each other because of certain factors like age, health, and genetics. Some women get pregnant in just a short period of time. For those women who are said to have regular sex will have a higher chance to conceive within only one month.  

Ways on how to improve the health of your sperm

Are you having a hard time because your sperm is unable to fertilize egg cells? If you are dealing with this issue, it is best if you try the following tips to keep your sperm healthy. 

  • Avoid smoking or using drugs especially the anabolic steroids 
  • You have to prevent yourself from having contact with heavy metals and different toxins, such as pesticides. 
  • Limit your alcohol intake 
  • You have to maintain a healthy diet and control your weight 
  • As much as possible, avoid hot baths and wearing tight pants. This is essential to keep your scrotum cool. You have to keep in mind that heat is a great contributor in the lower production of sperm cells. 

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or you just want to be aware of the things about sperm, knowing how long does it take sperm to reach the cervix is an important question to deal with. Being equipped with knowledge about this matter can be a big help for you, especially if you want to be aware of the things related to pregnancy. 

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