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Pregnancy: Can Spotting Cause a Negative Pregnancy Test?

Am I pregnant? Well, if your period is as regular as it is and you are late, you may be pregnant. The answer to your doubt if you are pregnant or not is a lot more important than guessing and waiting for the result. Waiting and guessing seem to be dreadful most of the time. If you have been trying to be pregnant, spotting and bleeding can be evils that you will face every month in your journey. Late period, spotting, and cramping may cause a negative pregnancy test. Also, a missed period but negative pregnancy test can bother you. You might think like “I have a negative pregnancy test but I feel pregnant?”  

Talking about spotting and negative pregnancy test, it is normal to have slight bleeding and spotting in your early pregnancy. Bleeding like that maybe because of the development of your placenta. In your first trimester, your body provides your baby with nutrients and oxygen. If you’re about six weeks pregnant, the placenta is ready to give your baby the nutrients. You may probably know about spotting and implantation bleeding might cause a negative pregnancy test, you may still want to take your worry about having no period but negative pregnancy test away so you would take a daily pregnancy test

Know about pregnancy and spotting

We know those menstrual periods are the result of a complicated balancing act between our hormones. Actually, there are things that can interrupt these acts that can lead to missed periods and cramping or spotting and a negative pregnancy test. Spotting is lighter than a normal period. There are actually a lot of causes of spotting and it may be normal depending on your age, such a pregnancy while others might already need a doctor’s prescription. 

Spotting a week after a missed period, which is usually around 10 to 14 days after ovulation, maybe because of the implantation on your first trimester. Implantation bleeding is caused by the fertilized egg that burrows deeper in your uterine lining which causes the spotting. If you take a pregnancy test while implantation bleeding, it can still be negative. 

Other early pregnancy can occur somehow which are the following:

  1. You have swollen, tender breasts
  2. You are feeling nauseous
  3. You are vomiting
  4. You have frequent urination
  5. You are feeling exhaustion and fatigue

Spotting and negative or positive pregnancy test 

Can we check pregnancy before periods? Spotting and a negative pregnancy test may be normal but if you really suspect that you are bearing a child, you may still take home a pregnancy test. Before an expected period, you may possibly get a positive result as early as four or five days. On the other hand, it is wiser to take the pregnancy test until you’ve missed your period to avoid a negative result. 

Basically, pregnancy tests can detect the hormone chorionic gonadotrophin of hCG on your body. Your hCG can rise faster after the implantation bleeding. If you have missed your period or it hasn’t started the day you expected it to come but you had a negative pregnancy test result, try doing it after a few days again. Spotting can be explained by a lot of things. Causes of spotting maybe your cervix is inflamed and bleed easily which is a symptom of an infection. If you had a positive result, tell your doctor about the light bleeding right away to make sure.  

ClearBlue, one of the best brands of pregnancy test kits said that spotting shouldn’t be a concern. Pregnancy tests are made to detect pregnancy in a woman’s urine. So, spotting or slight bleeding from your vagina won’t affect the result of your test. Meanwhile, Dr. Eva Martin, pregnancy tests should not give you a false negative or false positive pregnancy test. The hCG will be in your blood and urine while you are pregnant and not only in your blood if you are not pregnant. 

Important note for you

If you are doubtful about your pregnancy test result because you are experiencing spotting, you can take tests again.. To be surer, you can go to your doctor to take a blood test that will provide you a more accurate result. If you are sure about your pregnancy but you are experiencing cramps or spotting, go to your physician right away to avoid infections or complications. Hopefully, you will get the exact and right answer to your questions about your pregnancy.

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