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The Meaning Behind the Name Heindrich

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The Meaning Behind the Name Heindrich

By the moment the mother sees a double line in her pregnancy test, everything changes. The excitement and anxiety are incomparable. The father tries different kinds of jobs just to provide the needs of his wife and his future child. The mother tries not to stress herself out to avoid any effect on the baby. She avoids heavy work, worries or other things that could make her unstable. Before the baby will be delivered, everything should be prepared. From its needs like clothes, baby bottles, shoes, socks to its name.

Nowadays, having a unique name is a must-have. You will carry your name from the day you are born until your death. Parents try to combine their name and make it as the name of their precious one. And some really do some research to make it more special, unusual and have a hidden meaning behind it. Some use the names of celebrities they adore.

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Some apply names from the names of famous people in history.  Names could affect the self-esteem of the ones who have it so it is better to take time thinking about what better name you should give to your child. Came across the name Heinrich? Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the name Heinrich? Here’s the answer to your question.

Knowing the name as a whole, we can get the meaning behind the name Heinrich. The name “Heinrich” is an old German word used to refer to a king or any royalty. Sometimes it is misspelled as Henrich. Heinrich’s name meaning in English or Heinrich meaning in English is a royalty or move and act like a royal. Heinrich’s name in English is pronounced as “HEYNRISH”. As time also evolving, people diverted from the traditional usage of the name. 

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Heinrich name popularity decreases because people are no longer aware of the real significance of the name due to the lack of knowledge of historical facts. People are fonder of knowing people in the mainstream than to open books and read what happened in the past. They are more interested in who is popular and who is not. We will know the other meaning behind the name Heinrich if we try to cut it by pieces.  

If we dissect the word, it will give us a different meaning and different country where it originated. The name “Heinrich” came from the two words “Hein” and “Rich”. The word “Hein” is from a group of names called Middle Dutch that is used to refer to a number of people who used West Germanic dialects.

This group of languages originated from Old Dutch and was being used from 1150 to 1500.  This word means separating and distinguishing a piece of land using a wall or anything from any other lands.

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The word “Rich” came from a Germanic language that later on been adapted by the Old English language that eventually used in the Dutch language as “rijk”. As time passes by, it is integrated into the Old High German language as “rihhi”. The word was revised in the new German language as “reich”. “Rich” was defined in the past as it was defined now.

The word “rich” was defined as “strong, powerful, mighty, high rank, wealthy, ruler and powerful. When you combine the two words: Hein and Rich, it will give you meaning as strong, powerful, mighty, high rank, wealthy, ruler and powerful being separated or being distinguished from the others. Whatever the meaning behind the name Heinrich, we should always make him feel special and loved. 

The child who has a name, knowing the real meaning of the name, will feel special and unique. He will also feel blessed and being appreciated knowing that his existence is very much anticipated. The child will value more his parents knowing how great their love for him or her. 

Words to Ponder

We live in a modern world where uniqueness is being valued. People tend to easily remember the people who diverted from the conventional way of living. Being in the mainstream is what people aim. We should always remember, just like our names, that authenticity is what we should strive for. We should not conform to the society we belonged in especially if its norms and traditions are curtailing our rights to be who we are and who we want to be. We should be like our names, only designed for us. Whatever the meaning behind the name Heinrich or any other name is, let’s make a goal of putting our name on the pedestal or in the Hall of fame. Our name will be more meaningful if there is an inspirational story behind it. 

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