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Unisex Japanese Names and their Meanings

Unisex Japanese Names and their Meanings

Choosing a unisex Japanese name might be a little bit difficult. If you want to select the suited Japanese name for your little one, then you must check out this list of unisex Japanese names and their meanings for your selection.

Why do parents want to use unisex Japanese names for their babies?

  • The first reason why they give their child a unisex name is that they want them to be recognized as a stronger person, especially when their child is a girl.
  • Another reason is maybe that they are aiming for a unique name
  • One of the best reasons why some parents are choosing neutral gender names is because they are open for the possibility of gender fluidity.

Things to consider when choosing unisex Japanese names for your babies:


Popularity is significant when choosing a unisex name for your baby. There are some instances where your child has the same name as the two or three of her classmates. If this is the case, rest assured that your child and her classmates will be addressed using their last names and not their first name to avoid any confusion.


When choosing unisex Japanese names for your little ones, you need to consider your religion. There are lots of names associated with the saints, so if you are religious, go for associated biblical names. When you are not religious, there are still lots of options available for you.


Before selecting a name for your little munchkin, you have to make sure that you are satisfied with the meaning of the name that you want to use. Your chosen unisex Japanese names can be a great way to convey your child his or her value to you and your whole family. But you also have to make sure that your chosen name should be more than just a cool name.


When selecting a unisex name, please make sure that the spelling is not complicated. Simple spelling can make it easy for your little ones to write their names in an easy and proper way.

Unique unisex Japanese names for your future babies:


First on our list of unisex Japanese names is Hinata. This name means “sunny place” or “toward the sun”. This is an excellent name for your little sunshine.


Another addition to the list of our unisex Japanese names is the name Jun. Jun conveys a meaning of pure, simple and clean. This name is suited for your pure-hearted little angel.


Makoto has a great definition of sincerity. To show your sincere love for your kids, give them the sincerest name that you could give them.


We considered our babies as our most exceptional jewel or treasure. This name is suited for them since this name has a meaning of jewel or treasure.


In Japanese, yuu means excellence and superiority, while ki implies hope. So if you want a name associated with the hope of excellence, then Yuuki is the best name for your baby.


Our child serves as our bundle of joy and bright hope for us. Give your bundle of joy a meaningful name by naming him or her Akira. This name has a meaning of “brightness” that’s why it is best to give this name to your kids.


Hikari is an excellent addition to the list of unisex Japanese names since it gives us a positive meaning. Hikari means light. Since your child is providing direction and light to your life, it is best if you give them this beautiful unisex name.


Our list will never be complete without adding Yuki to our collection of unisex Japanese names. Yuki has a meaning of happiness. It is suited for your babies since they are our source of joy.

Naming your baby is never easy since they are going to live with it for the rest of their lives. Giving them a name with a significant meaning is a great way to show your appreciation, love, and how much you value them. This list of unisex Japanese names can be an excellent basis for choosing the right name for your little angels.  

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