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Transcending Through Time: Colonial Names for Babies

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Giving names to babies can be considered as an art. It is a challenging task that makes you think deeper and contemplate on what possible beautiful names can fit on your baby. In this modern age where names of babies abound on the web, you can easily find names and choose from a classification that may sound interesting to you.

Why not try colonial names for your babies? These are names based or related to colony or colonies. Let’s go down memory lane and discover classic names that making a comeback for its timeless appeal.

Colonial names for baby boys

Benjamin – This Biblical name is in reference to the youngest son of Jacob. This is of Hebrew origin which means “son of the right hand.” 

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Daniel – In Hebrew, the name Daniel means “judgment of God,” or “God is my judge.” He is the Biblical prophet who survived a lions’ den and a fiery furnace. In Irish and Welsh, the name means “attractive.”

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David – A biblical character who killed Goliath. He later became the King of Israel. The name means “well-beloved,” or dear. In Hebrew, it means “beloved,” or “friend.”

Ebenezer – Of Hebrew origin meaning “rock or stone of help.” In the Bible, Ebenezer is the name given to the stone set up to recognize God’s help in defeating the Philistines. Another famous Ebenezer is Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

Edmund – In English, it means “wealthy guardian,” or “happy defender.” Tracing its French root, it means “prosperous protector.”

Enoch – A famous figure in the Old Testament. He is the son of Jared, the great grandfather of Noah.

Jonas – It has numerous meanings like “a dove,” “he that oppresses,” and “destroyer.” In Hebrew, the name Jonas means “gift from God.”

Jonathan – Its Biblical meaning is “given of God.” One of the famous bearers of the name is Jonathan Swift, the author of “Gulliver’s Travel.”

Nathan – This is a variation of Jonathan which means “given,” “giving”, “rewarded.” Tracing from its Hebrew origin, it means “gift from God.”

Colonial names for baby girls

Abigail – It has its roots in different languages meaning “father’s joy” “gives joy.” In the Bible, Abigail is King David’s third wife who is described as beautiful and intelligent.

Anne –  With its Hebrew origin, the name means “favor,” “grace,” “prayer,” and “God has favored me.”

Charity – From the Old French ‘charite’ meaning Christian love. In English, it means “benevolent goodwill and love.” 

Charlotte – A feminine form of the name Charles which means “manly.” Thus, Charlotte may mean “tiny” and “feminine.”

Elisabeth – Means “the oath or fullness of God,” “devoted to God,” and “God is satisfaction.”

Eliza – In its English origin, Eliza means “my God is bountiful” or “God of plenty.”

Esther –  Its Biblical meaning is “secret,” or “hidden.” In Hebrew, it means “star.” Esther is also the Babylonian goddess of love.

Kathrine – Tracing its roots from different languages, it means “pure.”

Lucy – It has its roots in different languages which means “light’” or “graceful light,” and “illumination.”

Lydia – The name is derived from a place in Asia Minor, whose people are considered wealthy and having strong musical talent. They are also credited with the invention of coinage. In the New Testament, Lydia is said to be the first European convert of Saint. Paul.

Mercy – In Latin, Mercy means “compassion,” and “forbearance.”

Priscilla – The name means “ancient,” and “archaic.”

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Sarah – Of Hebrew origin meaning “princess.” In the Bible, Sarah is Abraham’s wife who gave birth to her firstborn Isaac in her 90’s. The name can also mean “pure,” and “happy.”

Suzannah – In Hebrew, it means, “lily.”


With its classic beauty and timeless appeal, these colonial names for babies have always been considered as famous options in naming babies. It exudes class, glory, and royalty that will truly fit with your lovely babies.

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