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Cornish Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Cornish Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Cornwall is known for its wonderful and dramatic coastlines, beach holidays, pasties, cream teas, and breath-taking sceneries. It is at the southern tip of the British mainland and had its own distinct heritage and culture as well as language. Cornwall shares much of their ancient lore, mythology, Cornish baby names, and Cornish folk names. Devon baby names are also present in Cornwall. Several medieval Welsh and Breton saints settled in Cornwall which became the basis of some rare Cornish names. 

The Cornish language was spoken locally up to the 18th century but the Cornish dictionary began to decline and spoken by less than 1% of its population, nowadays. Let’s take a look at this baby names list with beautiful Cornish baby names and came the introduction of many Cornish words used as baby names and Cornish surnames. 

Cornish Baby Names


This name came from the name of a Breton saint who settled in Cornwall and can be an alternative name to the name Austin. It is also the name of a Cornish place.


A girl name made known by poet William Blake. According to him, after Conwenna’s death, she “shines over the north with pearly beams, gorgeous and terrible”.


One of the attractive Cornish baby names for boys but similar to names like Brennan, Brannon, and Bronwen.


It is an old Cornish name that took a new identity through Denzel Washington, who inspired thousand namesakes.


Demelza is a name for a girl of Cornish origin that means “fort on the hill”.


Elestren is a pretty Cornish botanical name for girls ripe for a wider usage but less known than the Cornish names Demelza, Elowen, and Kerensa. 


This is a beautiful nature name from Cornwall which can be a unisex name. It blends well with a Welsh name.


This name is another gender-neutral name that is the name of an early saint who was the daughter of King Brychan and goddaughter of King Arthur whose life is commemorated at the Cornish village of St. Endellion. 


It is the Cornish version of Emmeline for girls which holds a lot of charms.


This name is a one-syllable name, a smooth and sleek name recommended for Sagittarius boys. 


It is a Cornish boy name that can be an amazing alternative for the name Jacob.


Jennifer was one of the top names of the year 1970 when there were almost 800,000 Jennifers born around the world. 


A similar name to names like Rory, Corey, and Joey. It is a rarely-used name with its native in Cornwall. 


It is based on the name of the ancient saint and one of the first knights of King Arthur’s round table which has a modern, feminine feel. 


This is an alternative Cornish name for the popular and pretty Welsh name Cerys that has an easier spelling. 


The spelling of this name will not be too much of a complication and it is unique enough for boys. This name can be an alternative to the Biblical name Cain, which may be more classic. 


It is a rare sixth-century saint’s name that has a modern, merry feel.


This is a Medieval name in Cornwall that sounds similar to the French name Emeraude. This name is connected to the Welsh name Morfydd. 


This name is the name of a Cornish town, St. Merryn, derived from Mirin, a sixth-century Irish saint, Mirin, who played an important role in Scottish history. 


The name Mirren is derived from the Irish saint, Mirin, of the sixth-century who emigrated to Scotland. 


This is also a name of an ancient place and surname derived from many villages in Cornwall, Wales, and the Welsh border country of England. 


Pixie is a supreme cute name that is perfect for a cute girl. 


The name Tressa can be an interesting, meaningful and beautiful name for a third child. 


It is a rare Cornish name that is a subtle virtue name with nicknames of Izzy and Ella.

Now that you have some choices for Cornish baby names, have you listed the names that interested you the most?  

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