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Top 5 Unique Girl names Ending in –Ia

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You may be considering a lot of names right from this moment you are about to have a baby. You may think a lot of baby girl names that start with S or some unique baby girl names. Admit it, that it is hard to think of a baby’s name. Considering the meaningless time your parents have tried to convince you about naming your child after your great grandfather or great grandmother. Whatever it may be, there’s a lot of baby girl names that you can consider. Most especially when you search throughout the internet world. 

Imagine finding some girl names ending in ie, girl names ending in lia, europian girl names ending in a baby girl names ending in a or finding through some baby name list the whole day. It’s tiring and quite confusing. We got your point there, that’s why we are here to help you out all through the naming process. You can catch a bit of a headache because you want your child to be joyful and happy as well as the name you’re about to give him or her. 

Top 5 Unique Girl names Ending in -Ia

For baby girls, you might have been wondering to give out your unique baby girl names ending in -ia. It might be odd and different but we’re going to find some unique name and even two-syllable baby girl names that are just right and fitted for your baby!

  • Aelecia

Aelecia is pretty unique and not a usual name for a baby girl. This name sounds like the girl names ending in a or ah. Its actual name variation is the name Alicia. The meaning of this name is noble and it originated from Spanish. If you want your child to have a Spanish or French Vibe. Get her the names Aelicia! 

  • Belicia

Belicia is one of the hooks! It sounds like the baby girl names ending with ya. Haven’t you are heard of this? Of course, this name is only good for girls. Like Aelicia, Belicia originated from Spain in which it kind of a bit creates a Latina vibe that will surely fit your daughter.

  • Callaia

Among all the girl names, Callaia is a name you wouldn’t expect to give your child (in a positive way). This baby girl’s name that ends with an a is something very special. Pronounced as cal-AYE-a and with an original name of Callaia (the name itself) you’re a baby girl will immerse and shine bright among all other babies! Pretty Callaia is such a unique and nice name for a baby!

  • Ieshia

A name Ieshia is a very charming and nice name for a baby girl. The variation of Ieshia is Aisha. If we’re going to look into this side, Aisha is quite a popular name used by many parents for their child. Pronounced as eye-EE-sha, it means living prosperously. It is considered as an Arabic name. You too may consider it as Indian girl names ending in a or unique girl names that end in a. Try it to name after your baby girl!

  • Macia

It may be a simple name but Macia means battle-might and/or wished-for a child. It came from German and Hebrew. If you are considering a fascinating Hebrew baby name then choose Macia for your baby! Having twins? Don’t even worry because you can pair this with some boy names ending in ia! 


Girl names ending in ia is such a pretty unique and nice name for a girl. There are still thousands and hundreds of such names to be discovered. Hurry up and don’t you forget to name your baby after this cute names!  Pair it with some trendy millennial names for baby girls!

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