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Motherhood Blues – 5 Reasons Why You Fight with Your Husband After Having a Baby

They say a home can’t be called home until a newborn finally arrives. The happiness and joy that a baby brings in the family are priceless as a new baby embarks the parenthood journey. It changes lives and makes it more even more wonderful. They say that you as a mother should enjoy the first few weeks of motherhood.  However, being a mother and wife doesn’t

guarantee you to be happy at all times.

It is quite common for married couples to fight and argue more after the baby comes home. This isn’t a surprise as parenthood is packed with challenges that should be faced together by the couple. In most cases, the wife is the one who is most affected because of various factors. Here are five reasons why you might initiate a fight with your husband after having a baby.

1. Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep can make anyone irritable. Just after you deliver a baby into this world, having enough sleep feels like a luxury. You and your partner fight because you both want to sleep and you argue over whose turn it is to take care of the baby. When you are both sleepy, it is just human to be irritated but as parents now, you must remember that you have a little baby who needs your attention and care. 

The best solution to this problem is to talk over it and you can take turns when it comes to feeding the baby, cleaning and changing nappy, and letting him sleep. While the baby is asleep, you both can get some sleep too. Taking care of a newborn might be challenging but this can also help boost your relationship as married couples.

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2. No more time for sex

The new duties and responsibilities as a new parent such as breastfeeding, changing nappies, attending to crying, might keep your healthy sexual routine temporarily out of the way in the few weeks or months after giving birth. You can have postpartum sex after 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, but most couples wait for a few months to do it. 

Most women think that their partner is no longer interested in them anymore because of the lack of intimacy after the arrival of the baby. This is not the case. Your partner loves you and your flaws even if you now have that postpartum body. He might just afraid to hurt you so it is best for you to take things slow, focus on the baby first, and things will just go back in place in the perfect time. 

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3. Partner doesn’t keep himself involved

It is common for mommies to feel annoyed and irritated with their partner’s behavior after the baby arrives. Hence, this is just one of the top five reasons why you fight with your husband after having a baby. Sometimes they would think that their man isn’t helping them with all the baby and house chores. This is really annoying to see him doing nothing while you do all the stuff for the baby and your other kids.

Relax, mommies. Do not ever scream or shout to your husband as this will just make you fight more. The best thing that you can do is to speak calmly to him, teach him how to make your life easier and introduce to him a few hacks on how to take care of your little one.

4. Hormones and postpartum depression

Hormones fluctuate not just during pregnancy but even after you give birth. Some women experience postpartum depression or baby blues which you can’t even control. You suddenly feel unhappy which can affect your relationship and your baby.

This is the time when you need the love, understanding, and care of your partner. Although PPD is normal, it might affect the way you live and function so it is best to see a doctor. Speak about it and always ask the support of your partner and your family.

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5. Different views on parenting

When you became husband and wife, you clearly knew that your decision is the decision for both of you. Now that you have a baby, you need to do the job together. One of the five reasons why you fight with your husband after having a baby is different parenting opinions and this can start even with small ones, such as the type of diapers the baby will use. These can be small arguments that can lead to the biggest battles in your relationship.

Have a good talk with your husband before making any decision, especially when it involves the kids. Good communication can save you both from fights and heartaches.

Final words

You and your husband can be opposite to each other when it comes to views, actions, and personality. Despite all of your differences and these five reasons why you fight with your husband after having a baby, what matters most is your love for each other. Now that you are already a family because of the arrival of your newborn, let that baby be the reason for you to love each other more so you can become great parents for them too. After all, what you have in common is you want the best for your little bundle of joy and that they grow up a happy and good human being.

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